Baba Beijing’s Belly Laugh Felt Round the World

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The Smart Money’s on China’s Seat at the Head of the 21st Century Roundtable

By: Jeff J. Brown ©44 Days Publishing,


China’s leadership includes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the many thousands of government Blog ChinaUS 001representatives, from the 300 person State Council, which is at the pinnacle of a very broad hierarchical administrative pyramid, down to the level of village mayors in rural areas across this vast, continent sized country. Because this massive system of governance maintains a firm, patriarchal mein, due to 2,500 years of Confucian thought imbuing all levels of Chinese society, I affectionately call this powerful, mindful system Baba Beijing. Baba in Chinese, as in many other languages means father.


This month, Caucasian pundits and the usual gaggle of media toadies are kowtowing like the craven Mandarins they innately are, to help the Princes of Power maintain the Washington/London/Paris consensus. We the people are supposed to cower under the shock and awe of this Official Western Narrative. This system of crowd control has worked like a hypnotic talisman for the better part of 500 years: slavery, colonialism, wars of lust for lucre, fascism, corporatocracy, market bubbles and the gang rape of Mother Nature. This rigged casino table that guarantees usurious house profits for the 1% has recently and forever been tilted in the opposite direction towards the 99%. It was done with the stroke of an oriental calligraphy brush and there is no turning back now.


The usual Western denial, rationalization and official silence are surrounding the October 13th editorial in China’s official press organ, Xinhua: U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world. It is a damning, honest and unvarnished account of the West’s shameful and cowardly conduct. This commentary justly lampoons the buffoonish, Ho-Ho the clown antics inside the Washington beltway, with the neocon White House and its corporate Hessians in the halls of statecraft making utter fools of themselves. Tang Danlu is the author of A De-Americanized World. In true Chinese fashion for the appreciation of deep history, Mr. Tang harks back to the United States’ long suffering Pax Americana. We can add to this perceptive comment on what ails our Pale Blue Dot, that this global Monroe Doctrine is nothing but a geopolitical battering ram that was handed over from the United Kingdom’s Pax Britannica, which was nothing more than an European economic escutcheon for exploiting the Earth’s resources and the largely dark skinned people who were and are their rightful owners, not the power elite’s.


The Chinese know a thing or two about fascism, the 1% and their satraps who pass and sign their pre-packaged laws and regulations with Mont Blanc, 18-carat, diamond studded styluses. China to this day bemoans their century of shame, when, from the 1840s to the 1940s, American, European and Japanese colonialists plied the Middle Kingdom with opium, and tapped her resources and impoverished citizens like an overworked, underfed whore. Mr. Yan Fu was a turn-of-the-20th century Chinese scholar and celebrated translator of Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill and Herbert Spencer. He later was a political activist in the 1895 Gongche Shangshu movement, demanding, in part, a China rid of foreign (in this case, Japanese) exploitation. Yan Fu summed up bitterly what billions of people around the world empirically already know all too well:


The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.


Sitting here in China, thousands of kilometers from and midway between the bipolar lunacy of the United States and its shamefully spineless NATO allies in Europe, it is a sad spectacle to watch, like some nightmarish Beijing opera with a libretto written by Hades. Westerners’ blind, official denial of A De-Americanized World is just another manifestation of their five century history of hubris and megalomania. Tang Danlu did not write his editorial all by himself in a dark corner down in the basement of Xinhua’s headquarters. Baba Beijing would not have allowed it to be released, unless it was tacitly acknowledged at the highest levels of governance. Baba Beijing is too paternal and perceptive about its international relations to do otherwise.


A few years back, Baba Beijing, through various press releases and commentaries like A De-Americanized World, began a subtle campaign to reduce their dependence on the US dollar for trade, and to beef up the credibility of the RMB, China’s currency, in international markets.1 Royal Flush Russia, being a natural resources behemoth, was keen to get the ball rolling too, not to mention Big Kahuna agricultural commodities baron, Brazil. For the last five years, the Official Western Narrative has been pooh-poohing and scoffing at the notion that the West’s ace of spades, the US dollar as the world’s reserve and trade settlement currency, could ever be considered anything but. The Washington/London/Paris consensus got out its media dog whistle and their pompom press posse went to work to relegate this heinous, heretical idea straight down Orwell’s Memory Hole. The United States bullied and bought off allies to refrain from signing currency swaps for trade settlement. In any case, these accords were signed with Baba Beijing, behind closed doors and with little fanfare, in order to avoid Washington’s wrath, the world’s supposed unipolar, superpower. My-oh-my, how fast the geopolitical zeitgeist can change. The King of the Jungle was and is turning into a paper tiger and friends and foes alike sense it. Just like now, the West talked the talk and the rest of the world rolled up its collective shirt sleeves and walked the walk. Over the last few years, these RMB currency swaps have become all the rage, even with America’s most subservient European, Asian and Middle Eastern vassals. What used to be done furtively is now splashed on the front pages of Western newspapers, since years of official and media denial have failed miserably. Baba Beijing’s persistent, patient diplomacy have normalized currency swaps into the mainstream and these deals are just too big to ignore.


Iacta alea est and the West still does not get it. Tang Danlu was the one who picked up his calligraphy pen and wrote one of the most important realpolitik editorials of the decade, a veritable shot across the bow of the Washington/London/Paris consensus, and like the ghost of Yan Fu, he had plenty of historical and timely reasons to write it. But rest assured, ever paternalistic Baba Beijing was standing there in his office, glowing with pride, like a gentle, Confucian laoshi, or teacher, chuckling with a belly laugh, and giving him a smiling, encouraging pat on the back.


The 21st century marches on. Head East and hop on board. You can’t miss the signs if you care to look.



1-      BRIC summit may focus on reducing dollar dependence:



About the author: Jeff has lived in China for 10 years and before that, 15 years in Africa and Europe, including years of work experience in the Middle East. His new book, 44 Days Backpacking in China: The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass (2013, 44 Days Publishing) is available at 44 Days, as well as Amazon, Kindle, BN, Nook, and when Steve Job’s ghost finally figures out how to easily upload a book on iTunes, just like the aforementioned competition, it will be there too. Jeff is an elementary school teacher in Beijing. Stay in touch with him at 44 Days Blog, Facebook/44 Days, Twitter @44_Days, and he welcomes your comments at [email protected].




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