Bob Carr dodges answering on Assange. Again.

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Unelected Senator Bob Carr has a track record on dodging questions on the Australian Government’s failure to stand up for Julian Assange, most recently in a Senate Committee in which he asserted that to do so was not ‘in Australia’s interests’. This on top of his history of denying the very real threats faced by Assange from a Grand Jury investigation in the United States, even denying its very existence.

Australians aren’t fooled by this charade. This week, at the Our Say ‘Ask Bob Carr’ online forum, the question that was voted for most was this, from Robyn Connell:


“Why have you so very clearly abandoned advocacy for Australian publisher Julian Assange in the light of evidence of a secret Grand Jury in the USA. He is internationally respected, awarded multiple human rights awards, standing for the Australian Senate, and yet the silence from the Australian Govt. is deafening. It appears as though policy on this has been dictated by the USA.”

australian_foreign_minister_bob_carrThe time for Senator Carr to answer this question live on ABC News 24 came ..and went. Tweets from @OurSay reported first that there had been a ‘technical glitch’, followed shortly after by ‘personal reasons’ to explain Carr’s absence. Based on previous form the other obvious reason is his refusal once again to come clean on why our Government has effectively abandoned Julian Assange and why.

Our Say advise that they plan to reschedule the forum.


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5 responses to Bob Carr dodges answering on Assange. Again.

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  2. Hon. Bob Carr’s track record with openness and truth are both public knowledge. His ability to convince you is part of his professional training and it works.
    He massages the media’s egos to such an extent that no one dares question him.
    What a load of gutless wonders……not necessary the employed journalists, but definitely their masters who have a vested interest in their club membership. Come on boys, whose going to tell the truth…….are you game…..

  3. Hello: Much respect to Wikileaks and the WL party and I wish you much success. One comment regarding this particular article, but more broadly about the media that both WL and the WL party chooses to embed and share with the general public:

    As we have recently learned for a fact, the internet is being heavily surveilled everywhere in the world. Some of these surveillance techniques are very difficult to combat or protest, others are not…

    While I cannot see the source of the video embedded on this page, the following is true:

    — Tor browser: It cannot be played: “¡Ay Caramba! This video cannot be played with your current setup. Please switch to a browser that provides native H.264 support or install Adobe Flash Player.”

    H.264 is a proprietary and patented encoding format. Many of us that strive for online freedom refuse proprietary technologies, and given WL and WL party positions, it would do you well to follow suit (this especially a few days after JA met with RMS in London).

    Adobe Flash Player: Same logic. AFP contains tracking malware as well. To quote RMS: “The Adobe flash plug-in is non-free software, and people should not install it, or suggest installing it, or even tell people it exists.”

    — Abrowser & Gnash: This is the other method I tried to use to watch your embedded video. On a GNU Libre OS, utilizing Abrowser and Gnash, the video does not even load. At least it does not ask me and provide a link to install Adobe Flash Player.

    I hope you take this as constructive criticism. I both respect and admire your efforts and endeavors and understand the need you may have to utilize proprietary and even tracking/spying technologies (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in order to effectively promote your interests, but may I suggest a steady effort to eliminate these technologies from your communications (at least where immediately feasible)?

    “Writing non-free software is not an ethically legitimate activity, so if people who do this run into trouble, that’s good! All businesses based on non-free software ought to fail, and the sooner the better.” – RMS


    P.S. Thank you for using SSL/TLS.

    • Feel free to incorporate the GPL licensed libavcodec in your open source browser, it will decode H.264 video just fine.

  4. Governments are keeping too many secrets from their constituents. Questions about Julian Assange are unanswerable because the truth is an undefeatable weapon. Censorship and control of the media are the hallmarks of a totalitarian system. There is something strange going on in Australia and other governments worldwide. To prove censorship one need look no futher than Ausaid Ian Fowler AM arrested in connection with child pornography offences, who’s arrest was reported in the age and sydney morning herald, however the presumed subsequent court cases seemed to have been silenced in the media. Good luck Mr Assange and long live wikileaks.

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