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4 responses to Julian Assange speaks at Splendour In The Grass

  1. A good speak by Julian Assange nailing in nutshells all the pertinent points of why Australian media is not only restricted but menacing to the national consciousness… Australia ranks 26th on the Free Press index according to Reporters Without Borders. This is an indictment of our Government and its will to support an Australian media owned by three entities, 98 per cent of the total Australian media. One entity owns 60 per cent of Australia’s media – one of the world’s largest concentrations of media ownership. Australian Governments made this happen.

    This diabolical monopoly of ownership of the media hence manages the political landscape and the national consciousness, and with a pernicious capacity to rule the day.

    Investigative journalism is a rarity, and where it does exist this is so in a rogue capacity and usually not part and parcel of the three entities who own 98 per cent of Australia’s media.

    Good journalism is about giving a damn, it is about not just reporting facts and events, it is about sustained coverage, it is about through-care journalism – where journalists should have a mandate and duty to continue with questions about why a negative impact upon humanity has occurred, why it continues and till the justice is done in the name of the common good. Till the justice is done, the sustained coverage should be a given.

    Despite the ruthless control of journalists by the monopolies, and the demand for drone-like journalism, there are few excuses for journalists to buckle under to these pressures if indeed they want to make a difference. They cannot and should not argue that weak shield laws have made them averse to pursuing certain stories which the public interest needs on the public record. Nor for publishers to argue that the wealthy can tap into and leverage suppression orders and injunctions because of the easy road into litigation. Yes it is easy for anyone to commence proceedings and have a Writ served and this should not be the case, but by damn don’t give into this bullying, stand up to it, get in the way. We requires journalists and publishers en masse to stand up to the litigious bullies and their preposterous cultures of favour dispensation. Nothing changes unless you get in the way. I not only write from the heart but also from experience – and once again as a journalist I have to face off in Court those who do not want me to sustain coverage, those who don’t want me to continue inquiring and investigating, those who have much to fear and to lose, those who want to stop me from bringing on the justice. They don’t want the justice to be done. If the few can stand up to the bullies then so can the many, and if we do it, all of us, together, then we have the cultural shift.

    When enough rise, change happens.

    Gerry Georgatos, WikiLeaks Party Senate candidate Western Australia

  2. I note with some relish the prospect of an Australian Press Club debate between Rudd and Abbott on the subject of “Debt and Deficit”.

    How about throwing a spanner in the works at your next dinner party by exposing capitalism for what it has become: A system of “growth” that is actually based on continuous and exponential debt creation, or “CREDITISM”.

    This is the term Richard Duncan coined to describe the state of the global financial system. If all that you do is listen to both the ten minute summary interview and the 1 hour lecture, you will be better informed about the dynamics (and risks) associated with the ongoing GFC than any member of parliament and most financial services CEO’s.

    The ten minute interview:

    The CFA Institute Asian Crisis Conference lecture:

    • Dan – Interested in your views BUT;

      I lived in North America for the last 26 years – I didn’t even bother to look at the content given that Glenn Beck is regarded as a ratbag shock jock element in the US

    Is Julian suggesting Papua New Guinea is not free from Mining and long term stays politicos!??

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