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By WikiLeaks Party Senate candidate for Victoria Leslie Cannold

Why does Australia need WikiLeaks Party members in the Senate? How does the Wikileaks Party differ to the WikiLeaks publishing organisation? What difference can WikiLeaks Senators make to the business as usual approach both major parties take in the Senate, and how will it differ from the sort of representation offered by the Greens?

Leslie Cannold

Leslie Cannold

Such intelligent questions deserve answers that mainstream media coverage of the WikiLeaks Party (WLP) isn’t offering. Instead, much of the chat focuses on the personal life and locational issues of our first Victorian candidate, Julian Assange, the world’s best known asylum-seeker.

The mainstream media’s obsession extends to coverage of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, too. As an exasperated Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology John Naughton wrote recently in The Observer,

Repeat after me: Edward Snowden is not the story. The story is what he has revealed about the hidden wiring of our networked world. This insight seems to have escaped most of the world’s mainstream media.

The mainstream media’s indifference to the risks whistleblowers and publishers take to reveal corruption is a key cause of Australia’s democratic decline. It is this democratic decline that the The Wikileaks Party formed to rectify. As I wrote a few years ago in The Age:

There are rules that have long governed the way the democratic game is played…These define what is and isn’t cricket when it comes to how individuals and institutions engage in our democracy. It is these procedures and values, often unarticulated and widely taken for granted, that are under siege now and [are] the cause of Australia’s democratic decline. Continue Reading…