The Ukrainian Crisis: a dramatic blow given to the Euro-BRICS rapprochement as well as to the emergence of a multipolar world by Marie-Hélène Caillol

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The Ukraine crisis is not an accident of history, it is the result of an intention: that of forcing Ukraine to choose sides between Europe and Russia. The European External Action Service of the European Commission led by Ms. Ashton and Mr. O’Sullivan refused the tripartite negotiation proposed by Russia in November 2013 between the economic partnerships under development among Ukraine and Russia on the one hand, and Ukraine and the EU on the other hand [1]. Once launched, the process was inevitable: forced to choose, Ukraine lost its freedom and, because of its dual nature, headed towards the major crisis that we know today. From the door it was between Europe and Russia, Ukraine transformed into a wall.

If Ukraine’s fate is to be pitied, the real target of the maneuver is Europe, in fact its independence and freedom to be precise. Indeed, the sharp deterioration of the Euro-Russian relationship following the crisis throws Europe into the arms of America-NATO, so keen to receive it. Therefore Europe loses its liberty because of the imbalance induced on its external relations [2].

Who should know better than us, LEAP and the Euro-BRICS network, that Europe is the key to the emergence of a multipolar world that frightens so much some people in Europe and the United States. The Euro-BRICS process launched in 2009 by LEAP is in fact based on the idea that when faced with the rising power of emerging countries and, particularly, BRICS, there is the risk that a Western Bloc (United States + Europe) be created in the hope of retaining control a little longer, which would drag the world into a polarization which best way out would be the creation of a new Cold War (knowing that this time the West would end up confined) and the worst way out, the outbreak of an open and global war.

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