WikiLeaks Party eyes four Senate spots

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WikiLeaks Senate candidate for Western Australia, Gerry Georgatos, talks about the Party’s promising prospects for success at the September 7 election.

I am running alongside WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, and the fledgling WikiLeaks Party, because it is both an honour and a duty to stand alongside one who had a crucial hand in the moral imperative that is the public interest and the common good in bringing to us Cablegate, the repugnant Collateral Murder video and the Iraq War Logs.

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The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the capacity to manifest deceit. However, for myself, the WikiLeaks Party is an opportunity to challenge this premise.

There is a clear indication that people Australia-wide want a House of Review and not the Senate we have been lumped with. A Senate degenerated by caucus and lobbying. A Senate without calls for transparency and accountability. A Senate that does not review each Bill on its merits. A Senate where deals are done, where Bills are traded and compromised. This is not what the Australian Constitution intends. Constitutionally, each Bill is to be examined on its merit, standalone. The flouting of the Constitution happens daily within the sitting days of the Senate.

There is a clear indication that an increasing number of Australians are beginning to believe WikiLeaks Senators can bring on a House of Review and keep everyone honest.

A special Morgan Research Poll held in June showed that 27 per cent of Victorians may vote for Julian Assange and Dr Leslie Cannold for the Senate, 18 per cent in NSW for Kellie Tranter and 16 per cent for myself in Western Australia. If this research holds true on election day there will be four WikiLeaks Senators. If this happens, then the House of Review may well be restored to its original calling and be kept honest, transparent and accountable. We are running on the platform that the Constitution holds dear — that each Bill be accorded examination on its merit, with due scrutiny, expertise, transparency and accountability.

I see corruption, nepotism and fixers pervade every layer of Government, all corporate layers, board rooms, monopolies and their cross-interests — Obeid and Richo are not alone. It is up to us to do give a damn or to despair.
I see our Australian Senate and our State Upper Houses as a restroom and as sleepy pay-offs for party apparatchiks, factional leaders and those corrupted by the abuse of power. To deny all of this is to deny the self-evident and personal witness. To accept it all is to believe that corruption is more powerful than the striving for the common good and that the ability to manifest deceit outstrips the discovery of the truth. We can challenge what is wrong in the game and gain what is right.

With minimal news coverage, the WikiLeaks Party has polled strongly in Roy Morgan research for its Senate candidates — in Victoria, NSW, WA and nationally 21, per cent of Australian support the idea of a suite of WikiLeaks Senators.

If the Roy Morgan research poll was reflected at the national poll on September 7, Julian Assange and Dr Leslie Cannold would be in as WikiLeaks Senators from Victoria, Kellie Tranter would be WikiLeaks Senator from NSW, and I would become WikiLeaks Senator from Western Australia. The political landscape would have to engage with bona fide independents who have life-long track records. What we will have on the political landscape is a burgeoning cultural shift, rather than the current race to the bottom politics that shame the national consciousness.

Imagine if we got fair media coverage on our platforms and on the issues — it would be a given that all WikiLeaks Party Senate candidates would be elected.

The whole world is watching the WikiLeaks social and political movement in Australia — the birth of this political check and balance, the possible restoration of the House of Review. I have been inundated with messages of support from around the world, including from impoverished and troubled Greece, who have their own hope for a WikiLeaks Party.

Originally published in Independent Australia


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6 responses to WikiLeaks Party eyes four Senate spots

  1. Offal Spokesperson August 8, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    I heard George speak at the recent refugee rally in perth and was impressed, he made sense and had a grasp on reality. good luck george you will have my support.

  2. This is all well and good, but I don’t live in any of the electorates the party is currently running in. How do I make MY vote count in SA? Who does the Wikileaks party give it’s preference to?

  3. I hope the WikiLeaks candidates are all elected and wish there was one I could vote for! Good luck in this vital endeavour!

  4. Where can I get more info about where I can vote for WikiLeaks?

  5. I would vote for Assange if is totally honest, I feel it is good for the country to have a independent voice the Libs and Labor should not have total say for all Australians and Mr Assangs should be helped to return home, the USA has far to much say in the world in regard to other countries and how they are run,if they keep secrets they should expect for them to be exposed if they are honest they would not have any worries when they are released to the world to read.

  6. A Wikileaks party in Greece is a great idea. Let’s hope those numbers hold up on election day.

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