WikiLeaks Party Launch – Announcement of Senate Candidates & Policies

admin —  July 25, 2013

The political party started by Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, will be officially launched today (Thursday 25 July). The six other Senate candidates will be announced and the principal policies of the party will be discussed by Mr Assange who will be speaking to the media via Skype from London.

The launch will be at 12:00 pm at The Reading Room, Fitzroy Library where Mr Assange will outline the Party’s policies on Asylum Seekers and Climate Change.

WikiLeaks Party will act as an independent scrutineer of government activity “by ensuring that the Senate is acting independently of the government of the day,” according to Mr Assange who will details the core principles of the party – Transparency. Accountability. Justice – as well as the details of the Party’s policies on asylum seekers and climate change.

According to Mr Assange, one of the first actions the Party will take in the Senate will be to insist that full disclosure of the current arrangement with the PNG Government be made public  – including host arrangements, the provision of resources and detail adequate medical and psychosocial health resources and personnel, the construct of the refugee claims review process and of subsequent judicial review, and of the conditions of resettlement of those whose applications will be successful. “Under the Migration Act 1951 Australia retains an obligation to Australia-bound Asylum Seekers it may “transfer” to PNG. Considering PNG’s developing country status the Australian Government must disclose how it will assist the PNG to financially support resettled refugees,” Mr Assange said.

Further details on the Candidates and Policies will be available at at 12pm AEST


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