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Welcome to the WikiLeaks Party. Your party is the first and strongest political manifestation of transparency and accountability. Transparency, the bow; accountability, the arrow; the aim: justice.

GIVE, DONATE, SUPPORT Campaign fundraising; our goal is $700,000

The WikiLeaks Party is presently run by volunteers, but election campaigns need full time staff. Your party is running for Senate seats in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, and possibly Queensland and Tasmania, fielding seven candidates. Our total campaign budget and fundraising goal for offices, printing, transport and staff is $700,000.00. Together, let’s make Australia proud in 2013. Donate

Campaign update from our Campaign Director, Greg Barns

“Think back to lazy summer days a few months ago.  The Wikileaks Party didn’t exist, there was no campaign team and certainly no campaign HQ.  In a short period we have achieved much.  The Party is being registered, the campaign team is working out of a very cool space at Kindness House in Fitzroy.  Importantly, and it irks some in the Canberra gallery, we are being taken seriously as we launch Senate campaigns in Victoria, NSW and WA.

One of the keys to winning Senate seats is covering polling booths.  Many voters are less decided about their Senate vote than they are about the House of Reps.  Bottom line for us is that we need as many members and supporters to be able to staff a polling booth on election day, so if you can spare a couple of hours, or organise a booth please let us know  

From a campaign director’s perspective I can certainly say the Wikileaks Party represents a diversity of views across the political spectrum all committed to a more transparent politics and greater protections for individuals in Australia.  This diversity is refreshing and means we can attract votes away from the established parties.

Finally, thanks to everyone at the Wikileaks Party for making this campaign happen.  Its eminently winnable.”



Poll results

A national poll conducted by UMR Research in April found that 26% of voters said they were likely to vote for Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party in the coming elections. For NSW, this figure rose to a whopping 36%. The poll also showed 40% of voters under 30 intending to vote for the WikiLeaks Party. A third of men and a quarter of women polled said they would be likely to vote for Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party. Read the full poll results.


Be part of something big. Bring your skill and energy to the WikiLeaks Party

Our supporters will help us with fundraising, spreading the word online and all over Australia on polling day. Meet other members and have fun. Become a WLP volunteer today! 


Justice and Julian Assange

Watch: Mungo MacCallum, Australian political journalist and commentator on justice and Julian Assange


Frequently asked questions?

Find out more about the Wikileaks Party, with answers to your questions on our FAQs page:

Read more FAQs

WLP people

Meet Lana, WLP member and one of our designers (and Disco). We asked Lana why she is a member of the WikiLeaks Party.

“I grew up in a country where freedom of expression was limited to those in power and wielded as a weapon to discriminate. Not a good life for the largest part of the population and certainly not an environment where science, education, creativity or journalism could thrive. I stand with all the Australians who want to build a government that is liberal in granting freedom of speech. Hey, let’s even get it included it in the constitution, like South Africa has done. It’s a basic human right.”


Keep up to date

Keep an eye on Our blog, as well as WLP on Twitter and Facebook for more news and announcements from the WikiLeaks Party..



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55 responses to WikiLeaks Party News

  1. “Whilst you may claim I can vote below the line the way they count the vote a vote for a minor party will not be allocated to my first chosen alternative preference.” p on the bottom of the tally to your second, third etc. if they do not have enough votes to reach the quota. No matter what your preferences are your vote has the same value to whoever it counts towards. If Wikileaks do not gain enough for a quota your vote will eventually go to Labor, Liberals or Greens whether you like it or not. Such is our voting system. Even if you put the Greens as your last preference it is technically possible they will end up getting your vote, depending on the rest of the count.

    The best way to stop the Greens winning senate seats is to vote 1 Wikileaks and if you wish to number below the line put them last. Personally I think all three major parties are just as bad as each other. Another point to consider is that the Liberals are certain to take control of the lower house: If they have control of the senate as well there will be no limit on their power. That being the case I personally will be preferencing the Liberals last even though I am equally disgusted by the activities of both Labor and the Greens.

    There will be up to 50 parties contesting the next election. I am not a member of any. I have found 4 whose idealogy and goals are similar to mine. Of these only Wikileaks has a broad enough supporter base to acheive a quota, hence they have my vote. Labor will swap preferences with the Greens again so if Wikileaks does not acheive a quota before Labor’s excess votes are redistributed then the Greens will almost certainly take the 6th senate seat again.

  2. I’m registered in NSW. Are you running candidates for the reps in Bradfield or Berowra?

    • You can get most classics (I think in US ciorypght runs out 50yrs after death of author) for free if you look in the right legal places. I download most of my classics from a place called MobileRead, which is also a useful forum. I have a Sony prs 505, but I think you can side load onto a Kindle: not download directly from them but another source using compatible format, onto your computer, then onto the Kindle. More work but saves money. Take a peek at MobileRead for help.

  3. I am interested in supporting Wikileaks at the next election but I am concerned about where Wikileaks will be allocating its preferences. I do not want to support the Greens. Whilst you may claim I can vote below the line the way they count the vote a vote for a minor party will not be allocated to my first chosen alternative preference.

    The allocation of the parties preferences is crucial to my support

    Will Wikileaks be running candidates in lower house seats? If so which one.

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