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Welcome to the WikiLeaks Party. Your party is the first and strongest political manifestation of transparency and accountability. Transparency, the bow; accountability, the arrow; the aim: justice.

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The WikiLeaks Party is presently run by volunteers, but election campaigns need full time staff. Your party is running for Senate seats in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, and possibly Queensland and Tasmania, fielding seven candidates. Our total campaign budget and fundraising goal for offices, printing, transport and staff is $700,000.00. Together, let’s make Australia proud in 2013. Donate

Campaign update from our Campaign Director, Greg Barns

“Think back to lazy summer days a few months ago.  The Wikileaks Party didn’t exist, there was no campaign team and certainly no campaign HQ.  In a short period we have achieved much.  The Party is being registered, the campaign team is working out of a very cool space at Kindness House in Fitzroy.  Importantly, and it irks some in the Canberra gallery, we are being taken seriously as we launch Senate campaigns in Victoria, NSW and WA.

One of the keys to winning Senate seats is covering polling booths.  Many voters are less decided about their Senate vote than they are about the House of Reps.  Bottom line for us is that we need as many members and supporters to be able to staff a polling booth on election day, so if you can spare a couple of hours, or organise a booth please let us know  

From a campaign director’s perspective I can certainly say the Wikileaks Party represents a diversity of views across the political spectrum all committed to a more transparent politics and greater protections for individuals in Australia.  This diversity is refreshing and means we can attract votes away from the established parties.

Finally, thanks to everyone at the Wikileaks Party for making this campaign happen.  Its eminently winnable.”



Poll results

A national poll conducted by UMR Research in April found that 26% of voters said they were likely to vote for Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party in the coming elections. For NSW, this figure rose to a whopping 36%. The poll also showed 40% of voters under 30 intending to vote for the WikiLeaks Party. A third of men and a quarter of women polled said they would be likely to vote for Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party. Read the full poll results.


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Justice and Julian Assange

Watch: Mungo MacCallum, Australian political journalist and commentator on justice and Julian Assange


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WLP people

Meet Lana, WLP member and one of our designers (and Disco). We asked Lana why she is a member of the WikiLeaks Party.

“I grew up in a country where freedom of expression was limited to those in power and wielded as a weapon to discriminate. Not a good life for the largest part of the population and certainly not an environment where science, education, creativity or journalism could thrive. I stand with all the Australians who want to build a government that is liberal in granting freedom of speech. Hey, let’s even get it included it in the constitution, like South Africa has done. It’s a basic human right.”


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55 responses to WikiLeaks Party News

  1. Scott Dunmore May 28, 2013 at 12:24 am

    Without going into detail, as a picture of what the Wikileaks Party is has emerged in my mind, I realise that my exasperation and irascibility have been misplaced.
    Put it down to GOM syndrome.
    The truth is that my initial enthusiasm for the party, stemming from the fact that the real “Left” is fractured and un-co-ordinated, I saw the former, given its high profile, as a unifying force. You can understand I hope, my disappointment.
    Regardless, I apologise for any offence taken. I wish you well in your endeavours but believe you’re going about achieving your objectives the wrong way
    and cannot support you.
    Julian has given a lot of satisfaction to millions of people and I wish him good speed to a safe haven.

  2. Actually I am pleased to see the discipline by WLP to say nothing before it’s time. Kudos. And having followed the ‘Assange’ affair from the start you will be getting my vote anyhow, in QLD if it makes a difference.

  3. principledtroll May 23, 2013 at 11:51 am


    Those are perfectly reasonable and pragmatic positions to take – however – we have yet to have the party leader/leaders verify/ratify that strategy.

    It is this near total vacuum of leadership and direction that has me concerned. Australian voters should not have to ‘infer’ wikileaks party positions from julian/wikileaks websites past victories and strategies.

    And just what does the party consider worthy of compromising in chasing issues of transparency? Would it sell out the oil rights of east timor? would it undertake to abstain on a gay marriage vote? Would it vote in favour of a new war-of-choice and not necessity, if it were conducted in an open and transparent enough manner?

    We all know justice is one of the wiki goals. But I’m not sure what its definition of justice is from issue to issue.

    Anyway, they’ve had – and missed – their opportunity to engage us on this forum, and they squandered the opposition

    Yer, and nice point Linda -a company?
    They’re entitled to make a profit? Why wasn’t it set up as a not-for-profit organisation?

    So I’ll cut yez a deal – you get my vote and my volunteer hours if I can buy shares. How bout it?

  4. Breaking News!

    The political program, the philosophical views and the legal plight of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be discussed by leading Australian thinkers at La Trobe University on Thursday 23 May.

    Human rights lawyer Julian Burnside, National Campaign Director of the WikiLeaks Party Greg Barns and La Trobe University Vice Chancellor’s Fellow Robert Manne will share their views in what promises to be a fascinating insight into the world of Julian Assange at this forthcoming Ideas & Society seminar …

  5. Fame is a terrible burden, and understandably the famous must find ways of dealing with sycophants, detractors and intruders. People said he’d circle at first, avoid questions, proffer shyness, or perhaps even radiate bored arrogance. It isn’t at all like that. Calm, witty, clear-headed throughout, he’s in a talkative mood. But there’s no small talk. I tackle the obvious by asking him about life inside his embassy prison.

    “The issue is not airlessness and lack of sunshine”. “If anything gets to me it’s the visual monotony of it all”. He explains how we human beings have need of motion, and that our sensory apparatus, when properly “calibrated”, imparts mental and bodily feelings of being in our own self-filmed movie. Physical confinement is sensory deprivation. Sameness drags prisoners down. I tell how the Czech champion of living the truth Václav Havel, when serving a 40-month prison spell, used to find respite from monotony by doing such things as smoking a cigarette in front of a mirror.

    “Bradley Manning did something similar”, says Assange. “The prison authorities claimed his repeated staring in the mirror was the mark of a disturbed and dangerous character. Despite his protestations that there was nothing else to do, he was put into solitary confinement, caged, naked and stripped of his glasses”. US serviceman Bradley Manning faces decades in prison after allegedly leaking classified documents to Wikileaks.

    Life in the Ecuador embassy is nothing like this. It’s a civilised cell. After eight months, Assange tells me, the embassy staff remain unswervingly supportive, friendly and professionally helpful. They get what’s at stake. When delivering messages, they knock politely on his office door, as they did more than a few times during our time together. Yet despite feeling safe, Assange feels the pinch of confinement. He says the “de-calibration” (he uses a term borrowed from physics) that comes with “spatial confinement” is a curse.

    That’s why he listens to classical music, especially Rachmaninov. He has boxing lessons (gloves are on his study shelf) and works out several times a week (“just to get the room moving around”) with a wiry ex-SAS whistleblower. The need for variety is why he welcomes visitors and why, judging from the long and animated conversation to come, he’s desperately passionate about ideas. Assange begins to enjoy the moment. Nibbling a chocolate biscuit and sipping coffee, he springs a surprise.

    “Truth is I love a good fight. Many people are counting on me to be strong. I want my freedom, of course, but confinement gives me time to think. I’m focussed and purposeful”. It sounds implausible. Entrapment wounds; it’s painful. Psychic defences are needed to ward off the unbearable. But striking is his utter defiance. “Never, ever become someone’s victim is a golden rule”, he says. In graphic detail, he then sketches his ten days in solitary confinement, in the basement of Wandsworth Prison, in south-west London, in late 2010.

    “I had expected to be completely out of my depth. But I felt no fear. I was tremendously enthusiastic about the challenge to come”. “I learned to adapt on my feet”. He means what he says. I’m keen to talk about courage and its political significance. I remind Assange that he’s holed up in the right-wing Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, home to one of the safest Tory seats in Britain. So, just for fun, I play devil’s advocate by repeating the well-known remark of Winston Churchill that success is never final, failure is never fatal, and that what really counts in life is courage, the ability of people to carry on, despite everything …

  6. Scott Dunmore May 25, 2013 at 7:44 am

    @Leo Braun
    “Fame is a terrible burden, and understandably the famous must find ways of dealing with sycophants”
    Are you sure you weren’t thinking of yourself in that category?
    Reflected glory perhaps?
    From the outset I said this is not about Julian for me at least; it’s for what he stands but that isn’t the only issue confronting us. Knowing little about Julian, I expect he would agree with me.
    If this is to be the vehicle by which he will escape from his predicament (and that’s not guaranteed,) he is doing himself no favours by his failure thus far to address its constituency. If he has left it to his “friends” to organise and advise him he is ill served. Does Julian read this site? Why isn’t he responding? These are significant questions deserving of an answer.
    I rather think I’m a better friend of Julian than most.
    “I’m as ill served by my known friends than my sworn enemies.” Elizabeth I

  7. Jesus, Socrates, Rajneesh, Assange: persecuted for telling the truth.
    Get over the detail of your tiny place in space and time. If you dont want to see him killed vote for him!

  8. Set aside the cheap diatribes and what you think of Julian Assange as a person, or whether he’s done this or not achieved that. The fact is that electoral victory for him later this year would be one of those rare political miracles that make life as a citizen worth living. In a country weighed down by sub-standard politicians, sub-standard journalists and sub-standard freedom of information laws, the political triumph would be great. It would breathe badly-needed life into Australian democracy. And, yes, if the miracle happened, from that very moment the fun party down under would begin …

  9. Scott Dunmore May 20, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Leo Braun
    Nice try chaps but hit me, don’t shit me. Nothing from Julian himself. A constitution as undemocratic as all get-out.
    As I suggested originally, an organisation of a self-serving clique. See how you go about getting registered with the AEC. You’ve made enemies on the other side to the ones you’d expect.
    There’s been no diatribes; just concerns. I know nothing about Julian except for his activities which I applaud whole heartedly.

  10. It is pointless to argue. Has Julian not done well against the entrenched and powerful positions aligned against him so far? Merely to have survived is well done. Give it a break. It will unfold as it will regardless of pressures applied by whomever, overt or otherwise.

  11. statementsoftheobvious May 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Even the most wildly optimistic scenario would give the Wikileaks party 4 senate seats. Whilst this may give the party the balance of power, it will not equate to the ability to dictate a broad policy agenda. Even getting an element as simple as shield laws enacted would require some quid pro quo in other policy areas. Better that the party not promise things that they will not be able to deliver. As the recent votes on banning live export demonstrated, even legislation that the overwhelming majority of people support can’t pass if both major parties oppose it.
    As for “splitting the vote”, there is no such thing in our preferential voting system. I’m sure everyone here would preference the pirate party over the greens, labour and liberals, and pirate party voters would also preference wikileaks over them. Either way there will not be a magical transformation of Australian politics overnight.

    However if wikileaks does win in Victoria and Julian is elected, that will send a message around the globe that Australians value truth, and that we won’t accept someone being labelled a terrorist for exposing war crimes and corruption. It is that message that will set change in motion. There are many groups who will do anything to stop this occurring. Hence they will try to divide and conquer, attempting to draw the party on inflammatory but ultimately irrelevant hot potato issues [standard tactic #1], dismissing the party as ‘unelectable’ and a waste of a vote [standard tactic #2, even though as mentioned earlier votes can’t be wasted in a preferential system], trying character assassination [standard tactic #3, which they’ve already done to death] and the obilagatory fear campaign [standard tactic #4, always going on, but people are getting over it]

    tl:dr – Only electing Julian will make a difference

  12. Hi Mark
    Yes it is time to leave well alone. Having read the Constitution in greater detail I now realise that I as a Member have no reason to expect any input from the Directors for at least 5 years it seems. The Wikileaks Party Ltd. was surprising in some ways, why a Company?

    So I will seek no further feedback as it is now very clear.

    Even a simple update post such as “we are overwhelmed with information that we need to add to a database etc..” or a “Julian’s Thought for the Day…” now and again would have been enough.

    This inability to communicate (keeping cards close to chest) seems to me the biggest draw card for anyone wishing to crucify the party. I am surprised the Party have not thought of a way via this blog or Facebook to project a more open image. I had a look at the Pirate Party website for the first time yesterday. What a difference! Something I hope the Wikileaks Party will aspire to.

  13. The party needs to hold a public meeting where members can meet each other and plan. An email invitation to all members in Sydney, for example, would no doubt attract many and momentum could start. I am sure there is extensive media and campaigning skills within the membership that just needs a minimum amount of coordinating to get going.

  14. Would it be too provocative to suggest people relax and resist the temptation to complain and speculate? It is unnecessary agitation and even suggests trolling given the origins of the party. It does take time for things to happen and there is no good in rushing it. It’s also good strategy to time releases as it is a (election) ‘battle’ after all, resources need to be put to best use for the situation.

    One thing’s for sure; the WP will be playing it close to the chest until after, and beyond, the election – as is necessary when so many powerful factions would have it fail by any means. That is my reading of the situation.

    I will watch and see how things unfold. A shield law for journalists and whistleblowers is a good start, perhaps enshrined in a enforced bill of rights the pollies can’t change except by a referendum conducted by an independent body that is funded, transparent and accountable.

    I see the policies will derive from the objectives, here : “the free flow of information and transparency to achieve true accountability.” I trust there will also be a press watchdog with teeth to ‘keep ’em honest’.

    Ok, enough with the wish list.

  15. PrincipledTroll May 18, 2013 at 3:21 am

    over to you, Julian…….

    chirp..chirp..chirp (crickets)

  16. To Duncan Lannan

    You state you are a member of this Party, well so am I, and I would like to know how received approval to make a statement on behalf of the Party? Or is there an ‘inner circle Party’ who operate in the same undemocratic way as the politicians they intend to put down?

    I read somewhere that there was the National Council and about 200 volunteers. Well surely after all this time and even a couple of hours a day effort from that many people we should be seeing daily input?

    I volunteered, and although I was asked if I could build a custom database, apart from that I have heard nothing. I believe I have skills to at least update this blog on behalf of the party, had I been asked.

    I do not have a day job these days so I have all the time in the world to make it happen.

    Perhaps a couple of us on this blog are getting twitchy given the time that has passed, and there has been no announcement of direction or intention except to ask for money.

    Give your Membership a private area and the appropriate level of input to your decision making Wikileaks – a vote for example.

    Good things do not always take time, unless you are having to watch paint dry.

    My own thoughts having been left to wonder and lose some faith:
    A. Perhaps this is nothing more than an extension of WACA (Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance) who appear to be the main people posting to the Facebook page. A Julian Assange support group, fine as it is, but not a political party.
    B. The silence is because the National Council Members have discovered they can’t work with each other…always a possibility.
    C. The National Council Members have no intention of engaging their membership, this was in fact a stunt to get Julian elected and hopefully out of the UK.
    D. Or the National Council Members have just realised that they will need some policies, especially on the main issues that the electorate are interested in. But do not want to canvas their Members.
    E. Following the Facebook launch, the Committee have realised that some of their membership may have demands (and I do not mean the requests for feedback, policies and input posted here); that they do not wish to associate with or support. So they have decided to ignore the people…

    If you do not engage your membership and choose to dictate the party direction and policies I think you will stand a big chance of losing lots of them.
    Saying that these simple requests are putting too many demands on the party, and will prevent their success is ludicrous. If you were to enable some of these things, like the Private members discussion and seek out volunteers who were willing to assist (and free to do so) then that would assist the Party not hinder it.

    I would like a political party called the Wikileaks Party to succeed, a principled party, hopefully led by Mr Assange.

    If the party is to be nothing more than a bunch of activists carrying placards then forget it. Principledtroll was right when he said >>will relegate the party to the same insignificant status as other special interest parties – i.e sub 2% of the vote.

  17. Daniel Knight May 17, 2013 at 4:06 am

    Fantastic! Vote truth.

  18. Franz Kocijan May 13, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    I have seriously contemplated this time not to vote at all. Reason is that I feel that I cannot make anymore an informed decision about relevant issues. I cannot even determine anymore which interests put what spin to anything. After learning that a WikiLeaks party is to be formed I enrolled quickly to add one member in the hope that the 500 needed foundation members can be secured.
    My personal sticker on my car consists of a modified WikiLeaks Party logo. It is black and white and the upper globe part in the hour glass is blurred – symbolizing the blurred state of information. The lower globe is clear and sharp – symbolizing the goal of myself and the Party and that is clarity.
    I have set that hourglass into the Word TRUTH where I substitute the “U” with the modified hourglass.

  19. Franz Kocijan May 15, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    Scott and others.
    For me this is not a game. I am quite desperate to observe that society has moved very quickly to a “Market Society” where everything revolves around manipulating attitudes. Substance has been displaced by the Art of Presentation. Most people know this but only very few can truly admit that our personal “knowledge” is based on the information we are being fed (or withheld). Global Financial Crisis? Stem Cell Cloning? Cigarettes? Refugees? Global Warming? Holocaust? Power Generation? Nuclear? Solar? Religion? There is not one important issue where I have any chance to get to the bottom of things because the machinery to confuse me is too well oiled and I will always only parrot what seems to me plausible after being influenced by this or that piece of information (or misinformation). Yes, I could give up and withdraw entirely – maybe I will. However it was hope for a more humane future which gave my parents the strength to survive the forced labour camps in Nazi Germany.
    I do not think that it is important to start any new party which will band together people who want this or that little or big policy implemented. There are enough of them with all the mental and financial prostitution in order to be “popular” and to “attract” votes (a symptom of the “Market Society”).
    Important for me is at this stage of social evolution to recognize just how corrupted and manipulative everything has become. And maybe begin then to contemplate alternative mechanisms to attract truthfulness in contrast to our current selection processes which favours corporate and social psychopathy without empathy and an emotional vacuum in need to be filled with power at all costs.

  20. Scott Dunmore May 14, 2013 at 7:59 am

    I hate to tell you Franz but unless you like butting your head against a brick wall, you’re in the wrong place. You’re only talking to me, Linda and the unusually named Principledtroll. He or she might have more in common with this mob who spend too much of an inordinate time with their little friends at the bottom of the garden.
    To be fair I’ve most likely been too harsh with them. My suspicion is they’re mostly academics with little or no grasp of political reality; focussing on that, for those who care, (a minority of the population,) should be a foregone conclusion.
    Ah well, stick to your plan as I will. Vote for none of them.
    They have little time to get it right.

    “The bird of time has but a little way to fly
    And lo! The bird is on the wing”

  21. I think it is great that people are moving to stand up for the truth. We need more of it.

  22. Scott Dunmore May 16, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Not a game Franz? I can’t see anyone having fun least of all me. Don’t think for a moment my, at times, disparaging intemperance was just about me being my usual smartarse self; it was born of disappointment and frustration and designed to goad some kind of response from the insiders here to be told that Wikileaks Party wasn’t about policy. Tell me how that works; an apolitical political party?
    Let me iterate what I said on joining the party. The vast majority of people who signed up I can imagine will share a common purpose, (libertarian socialists,) to try to, at least, ameliorate the effects of latter day feudalism. (Norman Mailer almost got it right, only he thought Fascism was the natural order.)
    I’m only talking about social policy here; economics can be best left to the natural cycles, (as long as the global “Wall Street’ is reigned in,) foreign policy is a matter of expediency. We’re crying out for social reform; gambling (the most pernicious form of addiction that exploits survival mechanisms of our Limbic system,) reform for starters, We will find allies there. Don’t look to governments to do anything any time soon, they are the worst addicts. Euthanasia, (they shoot horses don’t they?) and all the other issues I brought up.
    I know there are constraints on your time chaps (and please don’t think my comment about academics was anti-intellectual, it’s just that I don’t always conflate the two,) and given that, seek help even if it means relinquishing some control. You’re absolutely right, the task in front of you is Herculean and your ranks are thin.
    This isn’t gratuitous advice, it’s a formal request for which I’ll invite endorsement. Your two most powerful weapons are networking and this site. To the former, want help? some degree of trust will be involved. There’s only six degrees of separation and despite all that is said of mainstream media there are respected journos out there that maybe, could be recruited. Paul McGeough and Mike Carlton come to mind and see if Margo Kingston will come out of the cold.
    This site needs improvement, it can be as I suggested a forum where policy can be formulated. Exclusively members only and where we can vote after debate. You’re going to need help there for starters.
    Embrace a social policy framework because I couldn’t vote for Wikileaks without one and I don’t think I’m alone.
    We share your passion, (a rare commodity at my age and degree of cynicism,) I implore you, don’t let us down, carpe diem.

  23. Here! here! Scott and Principledtroll.

    I note we have our first Party policy on Facebook – Shield laws for journalists. While I would support it, ’tis still somewhat narrow in perspective… But hopefully it is a start to the bigger picture.

    However I wish to digress from the policy issues and ask someone (any nameless one), is Julian’s birthday the 21st December 1971 as per Swedish Police transcripts or 3rd July 1971 as per Wikipedia.

    I wish to ask the heavens if he is going to succeed, as I feel am more likely to get some answers 🙂 Oh! and if you can come up with a birth time even better!

  24. principledtroll May 12, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Right on Linda

    Come on guys. Transparency is crucial – but its a means to a democratic end.
    If transparency is your ONLY goal – remain as the wikileaks website, which is performing that function perfectly. Don’t step into the parliamentary arena.

    But if you are stepping into the parliamentary arena, you have to promulgate that democratic end. Obsessive focus on transparency alone is just about the democratic process – what’s the democratic outcome sought?

    If we limit ourselves to the means – and not the end, I seriously think we are going to lose about three quarters of the current 20% polling support. If I’m correct in my assessment of your supporters, I think they will be presuming that the party is open and transparent about every major electoral issue, and many of them expect a logical follow through from transparent governance into repercussions for a range of current policy directions that are contra to the democratic wishes of the people of Australia – perfect case in point euthanasia.

    Even if that is to make the platform ‘the wikileaks party’s response to every bill tabled in parliament will be “to support what it understands the democratic majority of Australians want and will vote accordingly and will never vote out of political expedience” – or some such – whatever. So long as you are not silent on the issues because to do so will be a crucial death blow to this fledgling party by which both well meaning critics and political enemies alike will both cry that wikiparty is as secretive as the governments it targets

    If you want to harness the full force of the current polling support, this issue absolutely needs to be addressed. To fail to do so, or to remain 100% focussed on transparency in and of itself with no wider political direction or intention, will relegate the party to the same insignificant status as other special interest parties – i.e sub 2% of the vote.

    The wiki party HAS TO STATE what it believes the policies of this nation would be were its government(s) genuinely open, transparent, and acting in the interest of the democratic will.

    Moral cowardice or laziness will be severely punished by the electorate. Read this again after the election and see if it hasn’t come to pass.

  25. Scott Dunmore May 12, 2013 at 5:17 am

    Sorry “Man Friday” (not his real name,) but you’ve lost me. First, there is no confusion. I think we all understand the principle on which the party was founded but if you think Wikileaks is going to swan into the senate without disclosing where it stands on a range of issues on which there will be a vote, (unless the thinking is that you’ll be abstaining on anything unconnected to openness and accountability,) forget about my vote.
    Secondly; let me explain how democracy works. (Not in any real sense of course; it doesn’t but I digress.) You get a bunch of people together that share a commonality of mindset, stiff them twenty bucks, (lost opportunity there, I wouldn’t have baulked at a hundred,) come up with proposals, by consensus find out where the common ground is and move on from there. What’s coming across is a self serving clique disdaining all outside opinion and touting for money and canon fodder. I hope to christ I’m wrong but I should be used to disappointment by now.
    It occurs to me, given the low volume of traffic on this site of meaningful comment you may have already missed the boat.
    The ugly irony of all this is your secretiveness about yourselves and your lack of openness and response. Linda got it right.

  26. To Man Friday,

    I would expect our elected representative will have to vote on whether to reject or amend government legislation as Bills are put up.

    So without knowing what the Wikileaks Party stands for on certain issues, it will be difficult for anyone to vote them in. I expected elected members of the Wikileaks Party to function in this work while holding the high ideals and principles of truthfulness, transparency, accountability as stated.

    The Wikileaks Party is in danger of losing credibility as a Party if there has been no thought given to the daily functions Julian/other rep is expected to perform to earn their $190000+ a year base salary.

    BTW How is it that you ‘know’ what the Party represents, or will represent, when we the members have not yet had a chance to discuss or vote on any of it?

    Wikileaks may not be about politics I agree, but there seems to be a blurring of the lines. The Wikileaks Party is a Political Party and is not Wikileaks, so I assume it will have to grow into its role.

    I feel sorry for Julian, if he gains his freedom to step into the lions den of Australian politics, he may not feel any more at home than he does now. Being an activist and a truth teller is one thing, but there will be frustrations and sacrifices to be made to serve in Government. It will not, and cannot, be the same as his life before. I have been wondering if he has been reflecting upon what it will mean for him. Perhaps he has been looking at the minefield of political views that some of his membership are hoping he will support on their behalf and is having second thoughts?

    All I hoped for in trying to elect his Party into the Senate is that he would be able to hold to his and the Party’s principles while wading through the mire.

    Transparency, and accountability to the people does not necessarily produce the right result for humanitarian thinkers, Reading the parliamentary transcripts of various debates used to turn my stomach when I could see the attitudes of some of the Members. It was all open and transparent but it was not necessarily nice. Laws are passed in spite of protest within the ranks, the majority rule, and once elected our Members make those laws unless we can have referendums every other week…

    The Wikileaks Party could be something really special, if everyone steps up to the challenge.

    Can we be sure Julian will vote the way his party membership expects? You will need to canvas the members to find out.

  27. Duncan Lannan May 16, 2013 at 5:53 am

    Hello. I am a member of the Wikileaks Party and I’m writing to remind all of those who have expressed disappointment in the Party and this website that good things take time. It’s true that we don’t have a lot of time between now and election day but try and remember that this Party has only come into existence recently; that those on its National Council, as well as other members and volunteers, have day jobs; and that good policy must be carefully thought through.

    There have been too many demands on this blog, and the Wikileaks Party, to succeed. We all want them to succeed. However that not only requires hard work on the part of everybody, but also patience. If we combine the two together then I’m sure good things will come out of this experience – for everybody.

  28. principledtroll May 11, 2013 at 2:34 am

    I think t-shirts need to be discussed far more than party platform issues.

    sarcasm off – if this is not to descend into an unedified rabble, we’re going to need some direction here. Before we discuss what the party platform should be – what is the process for arriving at that platform ?

    please don’t tell me you guys have launched a national based party without having these things in place?

    • I imagine that the apple pincikg goes on for quite some time? I may go just to take some photos when it gets cooler. Can you just visit or do you have to pick? Love the photos and that’s a very cute top too So excited about Rick’s arrival tomorrow.

  29. Scott and Linda in particular, I think there might be some confusion about the objectives of the party.

    “The WikiLeaks Party believes that truthful, accurate, factual information is the foundation of life and democracy, and is essential to the protection of human rights and freedoms. Where the truth is suppressed or distorted, corruption and injustice are allowed to flourish. We insist on transparency of governmental, corporate and NGO policy, information and action, so that these may be evaluated using all the available facts. Through transparency, genuine accountability can be achieved, and therefore justice.”

    You have asked for “policies” when the objective of the party is to achieve transparency. Wikileak’s objective is to ensure that you have access to the information necessary to make an informed decision, rather than determine a position common to members. In short, we don’t need to agree on a “solution” to agree we need the transparency to properly evaluate the alternatives.

    It would be a great pity to see Wikileaks drawn into taking a political position on specific policy matters since it would immediately undermine the elegance and simplicity of the party’s core proposition – a position that can be embraced by everybody regardless of their “politics”.

    In short, Wikileaks isn’t about politics it’s about transparency.

  30. You are welcome Scott, and I hope someone can fix the comment links soon so that we can comment on a particular post and not keep having to start a new one!

  31. Interesting doco on SBS featuring Julian Assange!

    • Filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay takes an intrepid journey through the darker corridors of the American media landscape, where global conglomerates call the shots. For decades, their overwhelming influence has distorted news journalism and compromised its values. In highly revealing stories, renowned journalists, activists and academics give insider accounts of a broken media system – where controversial news reports are suppressed, people are censored for speaking out, and lives are shattered …

  32. JULIAN ASSANGE will present a Special Keynote speech at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013), presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) at the University of Sydney on Thursday 13 June 2013 at 5.30pm. The Wikileaks founder will address conference delegates and a small public audience via live video link from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London …

  33. payday loans uk May 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

    This is a topic which is near to my heart..

    . Many thanks! Exactly where are your contact details though?

  34. I am a Wikileaks Party member. I would buy merchandise to advertise the party, if it was available. It is a good way to raise revenue too. Come on Wikileaks Party admin, get some t shirts and bumper stickers printed up, let’s show how proud we are to be on the side of justice.

  35. Principledtroll May 16, 2013 at 8:05 am

    What was that ….? oh, a tumbleweed…

    what on earth is going on with this site and this supposed party? where is the feedback? the engagement? the LEADERSHIP?

    This is a national based party polling around 20% and this forum – which you’d expect to be a thriving hotbed of political debate and activity given that it is derived from one of the planets most notable websites – gets around one post a day – and virtually nothing from the party organisers

    Is Julian freaking Assange even behind this venture? Does he have cabin fever from his entrapment in the embassy such that he is too unstable to talk here?

    I though we had an opportunity to change the Australian political landscape. Turns out all we have is an opportunity for the wiki movement to discredit itself

  36. • A national poll conducted by UMR Research found support for Mr Assange and WikiLeaks at 22% in Qld (18% in WA). Yet, no Wikilieaks senate candidate in Qld? To man the polling booth on election day. Probably not viable, because of the fierce rivalry. Particularly with the recently fledged UAP. Dilemma for Queenslanders, one can be a dual national in the lucky country, yet ironically a member of the single party only. WikiLeaks expressed no aspiration for the house of reps, solely for the house of review. Not much was published on the crux of the matter, apart from the attention attracting …

  37. Am I correct in thinking that this was originally going to be Julian’s Blog? I joined the Party because I believed in many of the principles that Julian has voiced, and acted upon. I am starting to wonder what exactly ‘the Party’ is, and what the volunteers are doing exactly. The site and Facebook content is beginning to get very boring and repetitive. I for one could almost quote from media and radio conversations on why Julian is where he is, and what the Government should be doing to fix this.

    I expected more from the Wikileaks Party than the same old same old, how about outlining just one or two policies? I doubt you will achieve your desired $700000 to provide $60000 each for your staff until people see more than they are getting now.

    Some members of the inner circle of this Party do come across in an articulate and professional manner while some others seem better suited to working behind the scenes. Let us hear from Julian personally, and start talking up why the Wikileaks Party will be good for Australia, then success and freedom for Julian will follow.

  38. Scott Dunmore May 9, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    Well said Linda, at least I know someone is out there. You understand where I’m coming from. Until I have assurance that this so called “party” is more than a clique asking for foot soldiers, I’m not about to vote for it let alone part with my hard earneds. They don’t appear to have any concept of how powerful this forum could be. I want members of the “National Council” on this site talking to us directly. It needs improvement. I offered my services, to be summarily dismissed.

  39. hey there and thank you for your info – I’ve certainly picked up something new from right here. I did however expertise some technical points using this site, as I experienced to reload the website many times previous to I could get it to load correctly. I had been wondering if your web hosting is OK? Not that I am complaining, but sluggish loading instances times will very frequently affect your placement in google and can damage your high-quality score if advertising and marketing with Adwords. Anyway I am adding this RSS to my email and could look out for a lot more of your respective intriguing content. Ensure that you update this again very soon.

  40. I have been curious as to why we have not yet heard from Julian on this site. I have read elsewhere he does have internet access from the Embassy. I agree with Scott Dunmore on a number of his points, I too think a members only area of the site would be appropriate and in that private space real names.

    The candidates, who are they?

    If you haven’t found anyone suitable yet then just say know truth, justice and the Wikileaks way…

    Advising us that this will be announced in the coming months does seem like a bit of a cop out, there is only a few months until the election. Surely in a few weeks at the latest?

    As a member my thought on the ‘dot points’ posted by Scott:

    * Euthanasia – I believe people should have the right to die with dignity when suffering intolerable pain.
    * Asylum seekers – Should be treated more humanely and processed much more quickly. Children should not be kept in detention.
    * Criminal justice – Jails don’t work, if anything they ensure that the incarcerated will have no option but to continue their activities at the end of their sentences given no rehabilitation and even less support on release.
    * Drug prohibition – Legalise Heroin and any other drug of choice. Dispensed by the State, users and the public will be kept safe and the associated crime will disappear overnight. Users register, and are then able to maintain their habits and health. Eventually there will be far less addicts, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to walk into a clinic and say “Hey! I want to try Heroin…” No one will be trying to push it and all misconceptions that using is glamorous, will be gone, as will the opportunity for making large sums of money. I can only think that there are some seriously big players in high places and in our Government who do not want to lose their income source. It could also free up all the police to work on serious crime instead of arresting and jailing people who only do the crime to feed the habit.

    Well now you have a taste of my true colours! Who’s next.

  41. Scott Dunmore May 8, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    What sort of blog site is this? No discussion thus far and no editorial feedback.
    Doesn’t matter; I’ve stopped taking it seriously. Pity, great concept without the intellect to put flesh on the bones. I’ve come to the disappointing conclusion that it is a closed shop and have tendered my resignation.

  42. Carey Petrovic May 8, 2013 at 8:01 am

    What a great talk by Mungo .

    Advertising would be a big plus eg : stickers for cars etc
    Willing to put a large one on my SUV

  43. The truth will keep us all free.
    If we tolerate the government , media and corporations telling us lies, keeping their actions secret, distorting the facts,
    there can be no justice and no freedom. Keep them all accountable to we the people

  44. You guys should’ve got together with the Australian Pirate Party. They were there first. Now you are just splitting the votes and are both losing this way 🙁

  45. Scott Dunmore May 7, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    First, about this site. I recommended on joining the party that it be restricted to party members only. That would save the moderator(s) time weeding out trolls. How are they to be identified? (Members that is.) No idea; I don’t have a number, anybody else?
    Secondly, it’s amateurish; no font or hyperlink icons. “Facebook? What’s that? Then there’s the use of pseudonyms, if you don’t want to put your name to your words, you’re a coward, (unless you don’t want your boss to find out, in which case I fully understand.)
    Next on the list is this; (in my case,) not about Mr Assange. While I have all admiration for his work and share some of his principles I don’t know the fellow; have seen no evidence thus far of a sense of humour, (I don’t get around much so I’m not going out on a limb here, but I hope he doesn’t take himself too seriously, especially in the face of his poor choice of blue stocking groupies, I’ve put this in parenthesis so you can edit it out should you wish but as a former moderator with something of a wit, I’d be inclined to leave it in. Let’s keep it fun, although it’s serious as all get out.)
    Right, so this party is all about accountability and openness. OK, so we have a national council. All right you’ve got to kick off somewhere but if this is to be a “party” in the true sense of the word then we all have to have a voice.
    We are informed that candidates have been nominated for senate seats. By whom? Julian for a Victorian seat, no problem but anybody else? What do we know about them? Can we establish a social platform because I can guarantee our constituency is going to be predominately social/libertarian and there’s plenty of them; they just haven’t had a voice ’til now.
    So I recommended this space to become a forum or caucus if you like so here are some issues I would open for discussion without my input at this stage.
    (Oh. and where are your dot points?)

    Asylum seekers
    Criminal justice
    Drug prohibition

    Should give something to save from getting bored.

  46. Exposing state crime is not a crime, its a virtue – Mungo McCallum… In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act – George Orwell… Wikileaks party is a breath of fresh air in Australian politics.

  47. We have been following and publicizing Julian and Wikileaks from the beginning. We have included them both on our website and pages for years. We are members and our website now includes and promotes the Party on several pages included our popular news page. Please view, share, re-post, subscribe and leave your comments there. See:

  48. I am a WikiLeaks Party member who lives in SA. I would love to have a t shirt to show my support for the party. I don’t want to send my money to US. Maybe the party could raise some money by selling Tshirts to supporters and members.

  49. We really need a foothold in the dreaded mainstream media. Unfortunately most Aussie sheeple only believe what they see on TV or read about in New Ltd publications . The fortunate thing is that these institutions take ANYBODY’S money. We really need a television and print media blitz to get the message across to those who either don’t have or don’t use the WWW. I would love to help out come election day , though as I have a disability that limits my movement , I cannot commit to too much. However I would be prepared to help in other ways where my disability is not an obstacle. Regards Darryl Bain

  50. Hi guys,
    Kudos for the good work.
    Keep it up!

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