Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in second overnight incident

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via niqnaq The clear implication of this (xinhua) is that IDF now has a policy of fabricating claims of incoming fire, in order to murder Palestinians

xinhua Dec 19 2013

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in second overnight incident

RAMALLAH – Israeli soldiers killed a member of the Palestinian security forces in the early hours of Thursday in Qalqilya in the West Bank, just several hours after a Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jenin. According to the Israeli military, the unit was involved in counter-terrorism activity, searching for weapons and other war materials. During the activity fire was opened toward the Israeli soldiers. The soldiers fired back and killed Saleh Yassin, 28, a member of the Palestinian Security Forces. However, the Palestinian sources denied the Israeli reports and said source of fire came only from the Israeli side. This incident occurs just hours after in Jenin, one Palestinian was killed and five others were injured under similar circumstances. The soldiers were fired at, according to the IDF spokesperson, and fired back killing one Palestinian and injuring five. Military sources claim that there is an escalation in the response of the Palestinian to the Israeli military routine activities in the West Bank. A military source told Israeli news site Walla:

Before, these incidents would end with stone-throwing. Now, it’s quite possible they will fire at us.

This confirms that an IED of some sort was thrown in Jenin the previous night, and also that the target of that raid was a Hamas member:

Palestinian killed as Israel raids Jenin camp
Ma/an, Dec 18 2013

JENIN – One Palestinian was killed and at least six others were injured after Israeli forces raided Jenin refugee camp and entered the house of a Hamas leader and prisoner. Locals said undercover Israeli forces arrived at Abu al-Hayja’s home in a car with Palestinian license plates before clashing with Palestinians who noticed them. Palestinians threw an IED at the Israeli forces, who called for reinforcements. Around 25 military vehicles arrived in the camp and fired live ammunition at Palestinians, injuring three people critically. Two people were shot in the stomach and one in the head. One person died on the way to hospital, an Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an. She said military medics were treating the injured Palestinians after the incident. Witnesses said Israeli forces were refusing to allow ambulances near other injured people. The spokeswoman said Palestinians fired at army personnel, who retaliated in self-defense. IDF spokesman Peter Lerner said:

Operations like this are aimed at preventing the terrorists from reaching our towns and abducting our civilians and attacking Israeli commuters on the road.

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  1. Frankly, nothing can be well judged regarding who is the real culprit. Both Israel and Palestinians will claim other party to be the initiator of the firing.

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