National Council Meeting Minutes 06-07-13

admin —  July 6, 2013

Meeting of the National Council of the WikiLeaks Party

9am July 6, 2013 (AEST)


Name Location Copies to
Gail MaloneCassie Findlay

Kaz Cochrane

Kellie Tranter

Luke Pearson

John Shipton

NFP Omar ToddGreg Barns

Niraj Lal

Daniel Mathews

Julian Assange

Sam Castro




Ref Action Responsible
016 Scope possible special membership categories for Australians overseas, non-Australians, under 18s Kellie
020 Find a person / people to manage aweekly WLP newsletter / bulletin Sam, Cassie
028 Kellie, John and Luke to send biographies to Cassie Kellie, John & Luke
029 Send contact detail of Susan for online newsletter to Cassie Kellie
030 Weekly Twitter hour with Luke Luke
031 Cassie to put Andrew in contact with Kellie and Gail regarding the new logo Cassie
032 Blog post in relation to Indigenous Affairs Cassie, Luke
033 Pass on Peters (volunteer coordinator) contact to Gail Kaz
034 Historicise account to be set up (for Twitter & FB posts) Cassie
035 Cassie requires text to put on website in regards to Double blind policy Kaz





1. Present

Gail Malone

Cassie Findlay

Kaz Cochrane

Luke Pearson

John Shipton

Kellie Tranter

Anja Voigt – minutes



2. Apologies

Omar Todd

Daniel Mathews

Niraj Lal

Greg Barns

Sam Castro

Julian Assange



3. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

Cassie –

            Minutes from last meeting confirmed. Any corrections to be passed on to Cassie.


4. Reports on actions from last meeting

Kellie –

            Ref No. 016: In progress. Hope to have it finished by end of the weekend, all going well. Kellie to send drafting on to NC.


Sam, Cassie –

            Ref No 020: Agreed to be a weekly newsletter. Cassie to do weekly. Still looking for a newsletter editor. Kellie has a contact: formal editor of “online opinion” (Susan)


Kellie, John & Luke –

            Ref No: 28: In progress


Niraj –

            Ref No 30: Twitter hours weekly. First Twitter hour on Thursday (11th of July)



5. Campaign


5.1 Media


5.2 Events  



26th July Byron Bay

Kellie to have a debate with JA at Splendour. Kellie in negotiation with JA on process and outlines of debate



Candidate Launch Event

23rd of July Melbourne

Tanja to support this event.

Focus on:

       All candidates have been approved by NC

       Major policy statements ready

       Produce banners and posters

One page statement to be established for media events and other purposes. Kellie to work with Cassie & JA.

Draft to the NC by next week Friday (12th of July) to get it approved by NC


Should this be an anonymous decision? Not need to be anonymous in actual constitution.


Bios for all proposed Candidates for next NC meeting



5.3 Volunteer coordination

NSW volunteer coordinator (Jonathan), John & Cassie travelling to Melbourne next weekend. Meet with National & VIC volunteer coordinator.


Natalie – locked in in WA.


Customer relationship management system has been purchased. To be demonstrated to part of NC next week.


Video of people from each state – in relation “why do they want to volunteer on polling date”. TBC who is looking after this in NSW


Volunteer welcome pack. Should be finalized soon.



5.4 Social media coordination


Twitter hour & Facebook hour – to be at the same time? Limits your capacity to reply. Interactive component restricted. Link both even if not run at the same time.


Storify account to be set up – Cassie action


Sean, Gail & Matt on social media Push donation and sign up as member.

Dropbox to be set up including two folders: Unapproved, Approved. Folders include photos and words, texts.

Labor 30,000

Green 15,000

WLP 5,000

How can we get WLP up to 50,000? Think proactive!

Is there a way to convert FB followers to Twitter followers? Can be invited; try to activate people who are already on Twitter.

FB has volume, twitter has the influences. Twitter much smaller proportion then FB.


6. Fundraising

O/S people allowed to donate. Gail to send email to all o/s people to invite donations. Massage their interest

Now Tax deductible. Basic information about the limits in regards to tax deductible on website to keep it simple


Double blind policy

Difficultly in practical achieving it. Melissa (accountant) happy to keep it blind from NC. Practical possible but legally difficult if questions ask.

Cassie needs text to put on website in regards to Double blind policy – action for Kaz


Debbie bookkeeper – now reporting can be put into place, since party is registered

Melissa & Debbie have been leasing.

Debbie to provide incoming & outcomings for every NC meeting.

Give Debbie permission to pay on WLP behalf – to be decided next week


7. Logo and website redevelopment 

Cassie sent through screenshot on website design:

       More a blog then a static website.

       Volunteer, join, donate buttons very clear on the top. Include the new logo

       Interactive donation page (people can see donations growing)

       New colours to be approved

       Seeking general agreement form NC to proceed – NC happy with look of screenshot. Website development will proceed based on this




Inspirational versus educational tagline versus technology idea

Campaign slogan to be more about what WLP is actually doing for people

“Courage is contagious” locked in as slogan for Splendour


Cassie’s suggestion: Mix taglines up based on situation

Take notice of Lillian’s feedback due to her age group


Top tag lines

“Make it count”

“Not for sale”

“Integrity in the Senate”

“Light in the dark”

“WLP the truth”

“Transparency, Accountability, Democracy”

“Control Alt Delete corruption”


Use two main tag lines: One which speaks to supporters, one which speaks to people on the street.

Why not use the main WLP words? Transparency, Accountability, Democracy, Justice….


Vote: NC to put up proposal to use one tagline but use another one on letterheads etc.

“Transparency, Accountability, Justice”

“Courage is contagious”

Campaign team to work on how and where these are used. Tagline bank for social media (CTRL, ALT, DEL etc…)


8. Financial Management

 -> see Fundraising

Paypal account put into place now. Debbie working on connecting Paypal to financial system. Xero has good reporting facilities.


9. Membership Management

Under control


10. Nomination of Candidates

Candidates sub committee making recommendation on candidates at next NC meeting – information about candidates to be presented at that meeting. Then NC will go through nomination process.


11. Other business


Roll out week to week different policy statements.

Work on policies over time and assign particular policies to particular candidates.

       Asylum seekers – Dan (not present but Cassie to ask Dan) Gail, Kaz

       Carbon Tax – Niraj, John

       Indigenous Affairs – Luke, is keen to get wording right with someone; Cassie to work with Luke once she is on leave. Sam to be part of the committee too (Not present but she has been suggested)





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