National Council Meeting Minutes 08-06-13

admin —  June 8, 2013

Meeting of the National Council of the WikiLeaks Party

6pm June 8, 2013 (AEST)


Name Location Copies to
Kellie Tranter

Sam Castro

John Shipton

Julian Assange

Niraj Lal

Daniel Mathews

Omar Todd

Kaz Cochrane

Cassie Findlay

NFP Gail Malone

Luke Pearson

Greg Barns




Ref Action Responsible
013 Discussion paper around Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander people and transparency Luke
015 Candidate for Queensland Luke
016 Scope possible special membership categories for Australians overseas, non-Australians, under 18s Kellie
017 Meet with social media team and report back to NC Niraj
018 Follow up with Peter T re assisting with IT Sam
019 Circulate a paper on policy points to National Council seeking contributions in a points style from each Sam
020 Find a person / people to manage a daily WLP newsletter / bulletin Sam, Cassie
021 Technical meetings to be held in Sydney and Melbourne – Looking for volunteer coders and system admins Sam, Cassie
022 Regular weekly meeting time to be established    Cassie


1. Present

Cassie Findlay

Kaz Cochrane – left 19:49 AEST

Sam Castro

John Shipton – left 19:49 AEST

Niraj Lal

Daniel Mathews – joined 19:00 AEST

Kellie Tranter

Julian Assange

Omar Todd

Greg Barns – Campaign Director – left 19:06 AEST

Lillian Shipton – minutes


2. Apologies

Gail Malone

Luke Pearson


3. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting


Confirmed out of session.


4. Reports on actions from last meeting         


001 – Kellie Tranter – complete

002 – Sam and Kaz meeting Friday 14th June to edit with Volunteer


003 – Kellie Tranter – to be completed

004 – Kellie Tranter – Complete (No impediments on overseas membership)

005 – Cassie Findlay/John Shipton – ongoing

006 – John Shipton/Cassie Findlay – ongoing

007 – Jonn Shipton/Cassie Findlay – ongoing

008 – Cassie Findlay – Sarah Saunders ongoing

009 – Cassie Findlay/Sam Castro – ongoing (Social Media team developed, content generators)

010 –

011 –

012 – Sam Castro/Matt Watt – ongoing

013 – Luke Pearson

014 – Luke Pearson/Sam Castro/Cassie Findlay

015 – Luke Pearson




            Sam – follow up with Peter T regarding assisting with IT



– Kellie Tranter

Investigate to adjust membership form on website to allow overseas membership.


Clear definition that overseas members are support members only – no voting rights.


5. Campaign


  • ·         Policy announcements in ISEA speech
  • ·         Incorporate comments/opinions on NSA

Key balance of power issues

  • ·         Carbon tax
  • ·         Mining tax
  • ·         Industrial relations
  • ·         Tax policy
  • ·         Biodiversity act – give back to the state
  • ·         Asylum seekers (can be done with out legislation – however, need a stance)

Julian a commentator on NSA in the Australian media.


Media alert:

            Julian is available to speak on the NSA issue. Interview with Monday morning’s AM program 06:00 AEST. Policy statement to go along with the interview. Sam is in contact with 7:30 Report. Points to be fed through to Cassie for a blog post.


Tone of the election has been ‘What is the senate going to look like?’



Sam –

                        Circulate a paper on the above policy points to National Council with contributions in a points style from each.


Preferences: meeting with –  in Perth. Parties that are close to our values will be looked upon favorably.


5.1 Media

Launch of candidates and campaign launch;

  • ·         Sign off by AEC 2nd week of July. All candidates should be announced on that day. Signatures of 50 members after writs are issued.
  • ·         Parties slogan
  • ·         Short bio on each candidate. No1 candidate available in each state for interview
  • ·         Campaign Launch – separate members’ event. Media launch important, candidates present. Julian present on live stream/pre record.


5.2 Events  

ISEA (see above)


5.3 Volunteer coordination

Wills will be a very good electorate – volunteers offered to hand out ‘How to Vote’ cards for WikiLeaks Party.


5.4 Social media coordination


5.5 Blog & newsletter

Control what we want to plug



Sam and Cassie to talk in regards of the need of a resource to manage the Newsletter.


6. Fundraising

Set up fundraising teams in; Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne


7. Logo and website redevelopment 

Logo poll running on the website.

Website prototype and colour scheme are being finalized, site should be finished by 30th June, 2013


8. Internal document sharing and communications

Assistance is being sourced to in setting up WikiLeaks Party internal document sharing and communications.



Technical meetings to be held in Sydney and Melbourne – Looking for volunteer coders and system admins etc.


9. Other business


Additional room in embassy for studio space

The Australian piece being released either this weekend or the next.

Policy development, how do we communicate if email isn’t’ the best form? Telephone communication with those interested in specific policy positions. Possibly the Wiki internal sharing and communications.


10. Next meeting

Weekly Meetings. NC to be consulted on convenient times.


Cassie to check what times suit NC members better for weekly meeting 

15th June, 2013 Saturday 18:00 AEST





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