National Council Meeting Minutes 15-06-13

admin —  June 15, 2013

Meeting of the National Council of the WikiLeaks Party

6pm June 15, 2013 (AEST)


Name Location Copies to
Kellie Tranter

Sam Castro

John Shipton

Niraj Lal

Daniel Mathews

Omar Todd

Gail Malone

Luke Pearson

Cassie Findlay

NFP Kaz Cochrane

Julian Assange

Greg Barns




Ref Action Responsible
016 Scope possible special membership categories for Australians overseas, non-Australians, under 18s Kellie
020 Find a person / people to manage a daily WLP newsletter / bulletin Sam, Cassie
023 Establish preferred weekly meeting time. Cassie, Lillian
024 Pick a start date for weekly online forums/threads. Niraj
025 Discuss timing of rebranding with Julian, then National Council to discuss the rebranding and logo change of the Party John





1. Present

Cassie Findlay

John Shipton

Niraj Lal
Sam Castro

Daniel Mathews

Omar Todd

Gail Malone

Kellie Tanter

Luke Pearson

Lillian Shipton – minutes


2. Apologies

Kaz Cochrane

Greg Barns


3. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

Cassie –

Minutes from last meeting confirmed.


4. Reports on actions from last meeting

Luke –

Ref No. 013: Discussion paper, issues of health child protection juvenile justice and media – send around early this week. Self-determination.
Ref No. 015: Complete

Kellie –

Ref No. 016: In progress

Niraj –

Ref No 017: Complete

Sam –

Ref No 018: In progress

Ref No 019: In progress (Kellie)

Sam, Cassie –

Ref No 020: In progress

Ref No 021: In progress (Sydney and Melbourne meet: Friday 21st June, 2013)

Cassie –

Ref No 022: In progress


Action –

Cassie and Lillian to liaise with Julian to see what weekly NC times work best for him.


5. Campaign

5.1 Media

ISEA – very successful

Direct Media engagements arranged for August and September


5.2 Events  

Media Launch of the registration of the party and Candidates – second week of July 2013. Candidates and as many NC members as possible to attend, Julian to beam in and be present. Mid morning event for media.

Campaign launch in early August. Possibility of Regional Launch events in NSW and Vic.


5.3 Volunteer coordination

National Volunteer coordinators have developed an induction/welcome video. Target electorates in each state, strategy in place.

NSW volunteer coordinator has been recruited, very promising and competent.

WA volunteer coordination has been developed


5.4 Social media coordination

All day planning meeting on the 1st July – can all attend?


National Council profiles on the website.


Action: Niraj –

Pick a date for online forums/threads. Note: not on State of Origin days!


These will be weekly forums.

Focus questions for the candidate or NC member on the forum/thread, theme, pre-curser, title questions?

Holding a weekly social media forum/threads – run these forums in the evenings of the target audiences – blog post to announce forum


5.5 Blog & newsletter

NC members to write blog posts all are welcome


6. Fundraising

Registration from the AEC


7. Logo and website redevelopment 

Circular logo came up on top with over 50% of the vote on the website poll.

A few matters to be resolved before launch, but it’s all going along smoothly.

However lots of comments received questioning why not retaining hourglass. General NC agreement this should be reconsidered.

Launch end of June.


Action: John –

To speak with Julian to raise questions on timing of rebranding, then National Council to discuss the rebranding and logo change of the Party


8. Systems


8.1 Communications, document sharing

NC Wiki to be implemented for policy development. Also external facing wiki for member engagement.


8.2 Membership management

Colin is being trained to use new database this week.


8.3 Financial management

Debbie, Cassie and Anja managing finances


9. Other business

2nd Week of July is NAIDOC week


Action: Luke

Send NC information about 2013 NAIDOC week


10. Next meeting


Time and date of meeting to be decided at a later date.


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