National Council Meeting Minutes 22-06-13

admin —  June 22, 2013

Meeting of the National Council of the WikiLeaks Party

9am June 22, 2013 (AEST)


Name Location Copies to
Sam Castro

Daniel Mathews

Gail Malone

Cassie Findlay

Kaz Cochrane

Greg Barns

Niraj Lal

Kellie Tranter

NFP John Shipton

Julian Assange

Omar Todd

Luke Pearson




Ref Action Responsible
016 Scope possible special membership categories for Australians overseas, non-Australians, under 18s Kellie
020 Find a person / people to manage a daily WLP newsletter / bulletin Sam, Cassie
024 Pick a start date for weekly online forums/threads. Niraj
025 Write to Julian to raise questions on timing of rebranding, then National Council to discuss the rebranding and logo change of the Party John
026 All day Saturday meeting, who is inviting people and venue to be decided Cassie, John
027 Circulate tag lines/ slogan and NC to vote for their favorites Kaz
028 Send one paragraph biographies to Cassie to put on website NC





1. Present

Sam Castro

Daniel Mathews

Gail Malone

Cassie Findlay

Kaz Cochrane

Greg Barns, left 9.30am

Niraj Lal

Kellie Tranter, joined 9.40am

Anja Voigt – minutes



2. Apologies

John Shipton

Julian Assange

Omar Todd

Luke Pearson


3. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

Cassie –

            Minutes from last meeting confirmed, side note send corrections through to Cassie if required


4. Reports on actions from last meeting

Kellie –

            Ref No. 016: In progress

Sam, Cassie –

            Ref No 020: In progress

Cassie, Lillian –

            Ref No 23: Time accepted, but some people absent without apologies

Niraj –

            Ref No 24: 8am Sydney time, 11pm London time. 1st forum when party is registered. Theme each week or particular policy area. People interested in policies – can be discussed in weekly forums.

John –

            Ref No: 25: In progress



5. Campaign


5.1 Media


5.2 Events  


Media launch

Candidates required. Tuesday afternoon recommended time.


Party evening event – Early August

Invite potential donor etc.

Link Sydney & London up via screen and WA to link or come to Mel. Or too much?

Cassie – to come back with volunteer suggestions from Sydney

Proceed? Enough resources?


Event at the Museum – Early August event

Evening event, speeches, candidates presented. People from large regional hubs coming in.


PRISM break – July 6th

Organized by the Greens & Pirate Party.

Does WLP want to put name down as supporter? Does WLP will have someone speak at the rally?

VIC: WACA & 1 person from Pirate Party organizing it. WLP should be on it

No objections by the NC to put WLP name down as supporter.


Iraq war veteran – 4th of July in Melbourne

WACA is bringing him out and requesting Iraq War Inquiry.

Question to the NC – WLP position statement?

Kellie: fits into WLP platform. Not sure enough time to create position around it? Discuss again next week.


Fundraising trivia event 29th of July in Sydney (Gaelic Club)


5.3 Volunteer coordination

Very promising NSW volunteer coordinator – Jonathan. Greg to meet with Jonathan next week. Jonathan is a stay a home dad, background in polling, used to work for Nielson.


Practical suggestions by volunteers in Sydney last week: stalls at universities, festivals etc. Couple of people willing to take this on. Buy stall.

VIC volunteers need flyer, merchandise, printed information. Same plan around universities. Hard to gain supported with candidates, policies, positions and provide merchandise & information.

Flyer – produce once candidates have been announced, not too long.

Quotes from printer are cheap. Are these ethical printing?

Volunteers need training how to respond etc. Volunteer manual nearly completed but missing positions (1 liner)


Kaz – compile position statements to circulate to the NC


5.4 Social media coordination

Sean on board, enjoying it, everyone to send him ideas.

Sam & Sean in the UK council

Sean – activist, support to WACA. Now part of social media team for WLP, Comedian by trade.

Omar’s report from London

Dan’s post


5.5 Blog & newsletter

Sam has volunteers in mind, but no one stepped forward. Still looking. Any suggestions – please pass on Cassie & Sam


5.6 Tech meeting

Last night in Sydney & Melb: Successful in Sydney

Needs to establish better connection to communicate with Melb during meeting


5.7 NSW campaign/ working meeting – Sat, 29th of June, Sydney

Greg and Sam coming to Sydney; Kellie coming down.

Cassie to check with John who will invite people & venue


6. Fundraising

John required to speak about fundraising. Announcing candidates will influence people in terms of donations.


Full time developer starting on Monday – Frankie. Priority: donation facilitation, million dollar homepage idea etc.


7. Logo and website redevelopment 

  • ·         Comprised solution: retrain the hourglass but change colour and lines (darker & stronger lines), circle or square around it, WLP name on it.
    • o   Andrew sent ideas to Julian and Sarah S. – feedback not filtered back to Cassie yet.
    • o   Background for change: Concerns about existing logo difficult to use on merchandise.
    • o   Cassie to circulate to NC asap
  • ·         Website developer
    • o   Full time programmer on board to support Matt and Michael
    • o   Should be online on time for registration (logical break)
    • o   VIC volunteer Co-ordinator drafted a manual on manning a polling both
    • o   Brief biographies on NC on new website? – Not in requirements but good idea.  – Action NC to send one paragraph biographies to Cassie to put on website


8. Other business

  • ·         Tag lines/ Slogan
    • o   Deadline – Wednesday 26th of June
    • o   Need tag lines/ slogan asap
      • §  Transparency, Accountability, Democracy used already; especially Transparency used up.
      • §  Can’t use overused terms
      • §  Kaz to circulate tag lines/ slogan and NC to vote they favourites
  • ·         Calendar required – produced out of 1st July Melb meeting


9. Next meeting

Date and time to be determined


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