Wikileaks Party to run Senate candidates in Victoria, NSW, and Western Australia.

admin —  April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

The WikiLeaks Party will field Senate candidates in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia in the September 14 Federal Election.

The Party’s National Council made the decision when it met face to face for the first time today at the Party’s new campaign headquarters in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The WikiLeaks Party’s National Campaign Director Greg Barns and National Council member Cassie Findlay said that the Party was focused on winning Senate seats in all three states and that the Party may announce it is running candidates in other states and territories between now and the Election.

“The WikiLeaks Party has an outstanding candidate in Victoria in the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. Mr Assange will be joined on the Party’s Senate ticket by other high quality candidates. In New South Wales and Western Australia support for WikiLeaks Party is strong and the Party has identified individuals who have expressed an interest in running for the Senate. The Party will announce those candidates after they have been endorsed,” Mr Barns said.

Ms Findlay said that the Party’s first face to face National Council meeting had focused on campaign strategy and resourcing. “The WikiLeaks Party intends to have a strong online presence during the Election campaign and today we have also appointed two spokespeople for the Party, Sam Castro from Victoria and myself from New South Wales. Other spokespeople on policy issues will be appointed in the coming weeks,” Ms Findlay said.

Ms Castro said that the National Council has been buoyed by a strong show of support since the announcement of the formation of the WikiLeaks Party. “We are getting a strong stream of applications to join the Party in recent weeks and to assist in our Federal Election campaign. What is pleasing is that support is coming from people who have either previously not been involved in politics, or who have previously supported one of the major political parties in Australia,” Ms Castro said.

“The WikiLeaks Party is committed to practising in politics what WikiLeaks has done in the field of information, by promoting transparency, truthfulness and the free flow of information” Ms Findlay said. “These are fundamental to rational decision making and just outcomes, and they are increasingly missing from the Australian political landscape.”

Speaking from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, Julian Assange said: “I am proud of the momentum the party has already achieved. We are now open for membership to the Australian people. Let us take the fight to Canberra.”

The WikiLeaks Party is in the process of meeting the AEC registration requirements, a process which will conclude by mid May.

Cassie Findlay 0405 222 251
Sam Castro 0405 333 352


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