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admin —  June 10, 2013 — 71 Comments

Help us design your party’s logo!

This poll has now closed.

The WikiLeaks Party design team have been hard at work creating the party’s logo. But, it’s not just our logo, it’s your logo too – so, we want your input. We have some frontrunners in our selection process and want to know what you think, so we have started a voting poll for you to show us which logo is your favourite.

From Tuesday 11th June, 9am AEST we will be opening a voting poll so you can vote for your favourite one. The poll will run until midnight on Wednesday 12th June.  The logo will combine the WikiLeaks Party ethos of transparency and free flow of information for Australia, along with the strong WikiLeaks branding.

Please use the comments section on this blog to give us your additional thoughts:
– why did you choose the one you voted for?
– do prefer the longer or shorter drips?
– what colours do you like?
– which text placement is better?
And anything else you care to share with us.

So, show us which logo you like the best by voting below. See if your favourite is winning by clicking the results button.

Please note, you will only be able to vote once, so make your vote count!

With your advice we can create the best logo possible, to bring the WikiLeaks Party to a 2013 win and beyond.

Don’t forget, this poll is not the only way to get involved with the WikiLeaks Party – join the WikiLeaks Party today by becoming a member here. We are also looking for volunteer supporters for many things all over the country. Becoming a volunteer is easy, just fill out the simple form on our volunteers page.

The final poll results are shown below.

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71 responses to Show Us Which Logo You Like

  1. Kathleen Green June 25, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Not keen on any of them. Unprofessional, the drips look negative not positive!

  2. I am not Australian but I agree that Australian colors should be there.
    I think the last one is the best, without the drippings.

  3. bella scharfenstein June 16, 2013 at 2:47 am

    Ive just joined so had no input into the design. Not keen on any of them. Why wasnt the hourglass used? Certainly more imbued with meaning and is visually interesting. I understand the drops but the cynical can flip that into saying its the drips party. I can almost hear Abbot and Hockey now….

  4. I think the use of capital letters in the selected logo actually undermines the already branded ‘WikiLeaks’ with it’s striking and now familiar combination of upper and lower case letters. Be sure to retain that character and affection already established with ‘WikiLeaks’.

  5. To Adam

    I believe the Party does have qualified artists and designers among their volunteers, I personally offered my services when I first applied for membership and I am sure I am not alone. After seeing the logos today I sent some quick mock ups of alternative layouts. I sent these not with the intention of offering to create the logo, but simply to give another perspective for inspiration. Typography and logo development is a very particular design skill, and needs to be thought through for all of its intended uses. Letterheads, can it shrink down and still be read etc.

    I know how disheartening it is as a designer, to have a client say “I Love it!” Followed by “but can we just make the background pink and not blue…and maybe the font should be black”… Grrrr…

    It is preferable to start all over again, than to have someone else stuff up something that was balanced aesthetically. The problem with being a designer or a web designer is that everyone thinks they can do it too. They wouldn’t tell their dentist how to do it would they?

    So, to the Wikileaks designers, just sleep on it, tomorrow will bring fresh ideas and the right one will just come. Often it will be the first one that you came up with.

  6. Oops! voted no.1 instead of design no.5. No.5 will fit well on badges, stickers and embroidered logos etc. Don’t like drips because the party name WikiLeaks is well known and respected enough to represent itself without the overwrought semiotic drips which makes Australia look like it’s going down the plughole and Tasmania is dropping off our map. Colour — a little too conservative — but on the other hand clean and simple. Gr8.

  7. I definitely prefer the last logo (5). It looks stronger with the colour contrasts and the text surrounding the map of Australia creates a feeling of protectiveness, unity, wholeness, and infinity. The circle is usually associated with the number one.

    The choice of colours is great! as Australia is surrounded by water, and the colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

    The drip really tops it off. It’s a fantastic logo!

  8. Jorge Estevez June 11, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    I prefer hourglass think, I think it is more explicit in it’s meaning

  9. This looks so amateur and I won’t poll or volunteer under any of these logos. What does Assuage think? Let him pick.

  10. To be truly Australian, I would’ve thought a Wicket keeper or as we Australians like to do, shorten words and terms and in this instance, The Wicky having a sneaky wee behind the stumps would’ve been the logo, thus Wikileaks.

  11. The last one is clear and bold……Make a great badge for people to wear & promote also ….

  12. I mentioned this morning that these designs are lame and rather negative. Reading other’s comments I see those sentiments are echoed. To me, the essential purpose of Wikileaks is SHINING A LIGHT on injustice, corruption, hypocrisy etc. So how about a logo with a torch or floodlight?

  13. I liked the last one from the left best. It was just my first feeling, it’s the clearest and boldest somehow and I think it would be the best one for stickers and pins if you are planning on producing those. Also it looks a bit like an eye! I didn’t really love any of them though, sorry if that sounds rude. They are too simple somehow and the blue colour is too soft and pale. I miss the hourglass shape and the great symbolism of the original WikiLeaks logo. The drops make me think of tears, especially in my favourite one because it reminds me of an eye. And the tears are just dripping into emptiness under the globe. Probably not very good at all now that I over-analyze and ruin everything in my mind…sorry! Would it be a mistake to make something completely new for the party? Perhaps just keep the colours? The name would still be there. Hope you won’t settle for any of these, you and lovely Julian deserve better!

  14. I only see one Logo with variations of colour and text placement. First thought impression was Australia is a Drip! Wikileaks is already a brand by Text. Wikileaks Party needs to define its own construct. Text can be WPA. Logo should reflect party goals. Transparency, Accountability, Resistance. When I think of transparency and Accountability I see the scales of Justice. When I think of resistance I think of the power image of the hand used to project strength, unity and power of conviction. Combine the Scales of Justice held by a strong hand with text Transparency, Accountability & Resistance with WP bolded at top. Rough sample of the concept: or At the moment the current options don’t have an emotive disconnect for me personally. Would love to see what more samples from a Good graphic artist.

  15. nate snowdenski June 11, 2013 at 8:33 am

    middle one is the cleanest and i think is the most recognizable.

  16. – why did you choose the one you voted for?

    I chose the last logo for the same reason as many. It is clear, bold and it drew my eye straight away, this is what you need in a logo!

    – do prefer the longer or shorter drips?

    Not too sure about the drips..

    To be perfectly honest, I feel that such an organisation could come up with a much more creative and original logo. No offence to whoever knocked these designs up but it just feels like there is no heart behind any of these designs.

    I am surprised you don’t have experienced and talented designers/creatives offering their services to provide a much more creative logo?

    Anyway, if these are the only choices then it would have to be the last one. But I do think you should be open to complete change in terms of the current designs! 🙂

  17. Hi! I want to vote the the logo on the far right, however if I select it the vote button is hidden… I like it because Wikileaks is bordering Australia, protecting us as we should be protected by freedom of speech.

  18. I like Nr 5. But the text would need to be a bit smaller, wih more spacing, so you could read it better, would also work better on distance. Drops fine, but don’t know if you really need that white outline…? Colors fine.

    Go wiki leaks, Go!

    If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.


  19. My personal understanding is that not the dripping (leaking) should be the prime focus. I find it absolutely sad that leaking is a necessary tool to expose lies and dis-information which are deliberately cultivated in order to make informed decisions by the public impossible.
    For me it is about clarity and transparency.
    I use my own variant of the logo. It consists of the word TRUTH (this is my focus and reason to be a party member)were the U is replaced by the WikiLeaks hourglass. The globe in the upper part of the hour glass is blurred (to symbolize the current state of murkiness). The drips change from initial blur to sharpness as they fall (symbolizing the distilling of truth) with a clear and sharp Australia in the lower part (symbolizing the result of the process and the prime focus of the WikiLeaks Party. I see a constructive and positive message in this.
    If anyone is interested I can share as pdf or jpeg.

  20. I am not especially taken by any of them…. The original logo which most have gotten to know and is embedded in our psyche would suit me fine…..

    I can see from reading the comments that generally speaking most people are not taken with the choices… One suggestion was to employ a professional but my strongest recommendation is to stick with the original… I have the T shirt already!!!

  21. Fleur Janein McLeod June 11, 2013 at 7:30 am

    The one voted for stands out more clearly – but do have to question blue as it is traditionally used by right wing politics. Instead of a teardrop (?) could this be a magnifying glass to highlight the aims of the party?

    keep up the good work and many thanks
    Janein and Fleur

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