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admin —  June 10, 2013 — 71 Comments

Help us design your party’s logo!

This poll has now closed.

The WikiLeaks Party design team have been hard at work creating the party’s logo. But, it’s not just our logo, it’s your logo too – so, we want your input. We have some frontrunners in our selection process and want to know what you think, so we have started a voting poll for you to show us which logo is your favourite.

From Tuesday 11th June, 9am AEST we will be opening a voting poll so you can vote for your favourite one. The poll will run until midnight on Wednesday 12th June.  The logo will combine the WikiLeaks Party ethos of transparency and free flow of information for Australia, along with the strong WikiLeaks branding.

Please use the comments section on this blog to give us your additional thoughts:
– why did you choose the one you voted for?
– do prefer the longer or shorter drips?
– what colours do you like?
– which text placement is better?
And anything else you care to share with us.

So, show us which logo you like the best by voting below. See if your favourite is winning by clicking the results button.

Please note, you will only be able to vote once, so make your vote count!

With your advice we can create the best logo possible, to bring the WikiLeaks Party to a 2013 win and beyond.

Don’t forget, this poll is not the only way to get involved with the WikiLeaks Party – join the WikiLeaks Party today by becoming a member here. We are also looking for volunteer supporters for many things all over the country. Becoming a volunteer is easy, just fill out the simple form on our volunteers page.

The final poll results are shown below.

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71 responses to Show Us Which Logo You Like

  1. With the exception of the last logo on the right, the designs look amateur and rushed.

    Clearly the “design” team needs replacing with professional designers. Spend the money on someone who knows what they are doing, and don’t leave something as vital as branding to popular opinion, which is often very wrong in creating an effective and dynamic image.

  2. I like the already established logo which features at the top left hand corner of this page. But just in case you’s were dropping it, i voted for the 3rd one because it appeals best to me. The colour and font are pleasing on the eyes.

  3. I don’t like any of them. What’s with the dripping away bit? Is it not possible to use another more vibrant colour? We’re not in Israel nor Greece so why their colours?

  4. In the first two (almost identical btw, on #2 the globe is slightly smaller than in #1), the strength of the Wikileaks name is weakened by having half the name at 90 degrees. #4 has less contrast and so less “grab”. #5 is traditional but effective, however the lettering is suffering from crowding.

    Is there a better visual analogy for leaks than a dripping globe? While I like how the current motif implies the mess and dirty goings on of world politics, and something (the workings of government) needing maintenance or an overhaul, it also applies these negative attributes to the party itself. Something symbolising the antithesis of these attributes is needed. How about instead an iconic symbol that encapsulates “protection for the weak, accountability for the powerful”? I have no suggestions on this atm sorry! Perhaps flying a flag for transparency..?

  5. Werner Schroer June 11, 2013 at 5:27 am

    The name should be easy to read and the words should be therefore in a horizontal line. Anything else is distracting. Australia is surrounded by water, so the blue colour makes sense.

  6. Number 5 is my preference of those offered, but blue is traditionally Conservative, Liberals, Republicans etc.
    Red is Workers Unite! and Green is out.
    umm … GOLD? Unfortunately the obviously understandable ‘leak’ drip will lead to ridicule and jokes – incontinence, tears, etc.
    A black framed magnifying glass circle?
    gold centre with our ‘red heart’ country outline,
    WikiLeaks around it and
    Party on the handle?
    the colours a nice nod to the traditional occupants of this continent.

    Go Julian and Go Bradley, and we must all not forget the names Namir and Saeed, the journalists murdered by that helicopter crew of the infamous film.

  7. To echo earlier comments, I think the logo needs to be more inspiring.

  8. I joined, I volunteered, I donated, but when I try to vote for a logo I get a ‘500 error’.

  9. Good luck, you could be our last hope for Sanity in Australia

  10. Please start again. Logo MUST be positive, optimistic for all our future, for these values that all of us here embrace, it must encourage those that have become aquiescent to the global power-brokers to become responsible for their own choices, for the sake of our world and our childrens world. The theme must embrace the power of the individual united to one global understanding, through tranparency of corporations and government and privacy for the people. Vote Julian and anyone else who embraces democracy!!!

  11. I couldn’t get the vote button to work (Mac, Chrome, latest stable). But my choice is the middle one, call it #3. (You might want to number them for easy reference.) The text placement is the best, and I prefer the lowercase to the uppercase used for “Party” in the version to its right (#4).

    Although number four is bold and recognizable, the text becomes unreadable when curved to the circle. For badges etc. I’d suggest the dripping blue motif on its own or on a background, without text.

  12. The last one as everything about it stands out the most!

  13. The last logo is compact, symmetrical, easily identifiable, memorable.

  14. Lyndall Edwards June 11, 2013 at 3:45 am

    I chose the fourth one because it would work well in the negative. I wuld prefer if the leaks drips became the handle of a magnifying glass though. Something leaking in this way, a drip or flow of water, usually signals cost and damage, not freedom or a free flow of information.

  15. I like the logo best.
    I prefer the larger drips though. I also like the third one with the horizontal text.
    Third one with large drips would be good.
    I do however prefer the fifth one as it looks clearly like a logo and would look great on merchandise!

  16. RE image 5 FIVE!!!: Would lower case work around the circle? The upper/lowercase of WikiLeaks is a pretty important identifier. I understand it may not work.
    Could we make the country the same blue of the inner circle but a transparent shade of that blue – just a tinge – so it blends, along with suggesting viewer only just beginning to see it. If you do that, make the font around the edge the same blue as the country. Understand if it needs to be white due to keeping in with WL colours.

    I didn’t get the magnifying idea until I saw the backdrop of the logos

    Always happy to give constructive feedback. Bother me whenever you want.

    Good job guys 🙂

  17. The last one is the best. It’s bold, solid and stands out. It also surrounds the image of Australia, like a protective zone….the others look weak and ill defined.

  18. why did you choose the one you voted for?
    It stands out the most, it’s circular and different to existing parties. What I like most about it is how it appears that the Wikileaks Party is trying to protect and look after Australia and therefore it’s people (Dark Blue circle/White font), I like that.
    – do prefer the longer or shorter drips?
    Don’t change it
    – what colours do you like?
    The colours are good but it would of been cool to see some traditional Wikileaks teal a little.
    – which text placement is better?
    In context to the last logo, don’t change it

  19. Excited to be the first to comment. To be honest these logos are a bit lame, but also negative….drips symbolise losing something, a problem, annoyance. I’m sure we can come with a bolder more positive symbol.

  20. The hourglass is such a strong symbol. Why dilute it with drips? I expected to see some strong designs to choose from. These are just variations on a weak idea.

  21. Circular emotion, triangular tension combined for mine, the slightly larger version. The last one, currently attracting the most votes, a conservative political look, I’d say.

  22. Strongest shape. Better to have words facing straight, not down the side. Better for reading and reproduction. They’re all good

  23. The last logo has a better visual impact than the others. The eyes don’t have to travel all over the logo to read the text. The logo and name can be identified in an instant.

    The shorter raindrop is preferable. The longer raindrop distracts from the main logo area. Best to keep it compact and focus on the instant impact. The last logo is perfect.

  24. It stands out the most.

  25. It looks like a seal.

  26. Jennifer Saunders June 11, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Why aren’t there more graphic options? They all look the same and the basic design concept is pretty poor. Disappointed.

  27. I vote the last design. I like the impact of the solidness but I prefer consistent use of Caps and lower case letters keeping this logo design uniform with original WikiLeaks Logo.

  28. Sorry to be a mere “ditto” here, but I agree with Patrick McPhee. Use of the logo across many different applications has to be considered — it won’t always be this size, it should transfer easily to stationery, stickers, badges, etc., and remain clear. Number 3 is clear, and allows re-positioning of the logo and type to form different shapes without loss of identity, the others don’t. Number 5 could neatly replace the tank roundels on my BMW motorcycle, for example, but does not reposition easily for a bumper sticker. And while no. 5 highlights the logo element nicely, all caps in a curve is slower to read.

  29. political press June 11, 2013 at 2:28 am

    i went for the 5th one but it still needs some tweaking. the words going around need better letterspacing and either more air between globe and letters, or merge into globe outline.

    but it will look nice on my hood ornament.

    the first four float a bit much and mightn’t work that well small

    all the best, phaedra

  30. Voted for the last logo due to it being clear, bold, & direct. The logo is more ‘attractive’, and stood out.

  31. just like it best…

  32. I don’t like the idea of the logo with the leaking balloon. Looks a bit pessimistic and negative. Sorry.

  33. All logos are hard to read, too static, “tear crying”, and lacking the “present”. They read more like “WeakLeaks”. This is my straight to the point unfiltered criticism…You are amazing and need to reflect it!!!

  34. The third logo across is easy to read., although the fouth one feels fuller.

  35. All the logos are good……I voted for the first one because you can read Wikileaks clearer ….but I’ve changed my mind and I like the last one the best.

  36. This would make a noce pinback as well as bumper stickers.

  37. Patrick McPhee June 11, 2013 at 12:46 am

    The third logo in the series is clearly the best for the following reasons;

    1. Typography. Using PARTY in all capital letters with vertical orientation, as used with #1 & #2, is weak. Irregular white space and ‘clunky’ kerning makes the overall design appear disjointed. This would be more confusing for older people, or those with sight difficulties.

    2. Colour use. Outline colour in #4 makes the logo have a weak impact at a distance. Likewise, white-type-on-blue background on #5 weakens the logo’s impact when small, or at a distance. This is accentuated by using what I feel is too much colour and the use of two-tone blue on #5.

    Generally though, all the logos look pretty darn good.

    Go Wikileaks Party, Go.

    Best wishes to Julian. I look forward to the election and am VERY confident of a good result.



  38. Last one….It’s bold ,clear & make a great Badge!

  39. I liked the last one which is full of color and bold. The reason of selecting that logo is that concept of that logo is very clearer than another. It’s very beautiful looking and attractive. Everyone will like the last one because it has an amazing concept.

  40. hey, I like the good looking one on the far right inside and multicoloured blues… great one..

  41. Chose this one as the best from the lot, don’t really like any, I know this in a Australian Election
    and party,not sure seeing a map helps me feel more connected to your vision, perhaps because I already support
    your ethos and aspirations? To me WikiLeaks is part of a new type of global non country specific movement which is a great thing, and would be good to somehow represent that symbolically . The leaking tear just looks simplistic, but then again I’m no branding expert so maybe simple is good for those not yet aware of your ideals. Prefer the wrap around text think with the darker blue it has more impact
    I also would be interested in volunteering, sent a request last Friday I think. .

  42. I chose No3 as I think the text is the clearest. But I first chose No5 for the greater area of solid colour but the curved text wasn’t easy to read.

    Can we drop the drips? It implies that something is draining out – not a positive message.

    Medium blue on white works well. Maybe trial different blues though?

    Text in a straight line seems clearest. The curved text in No5 is attractive but it’s not well spaced for clarity – and also No5 is a bit ‘old school’.

    Can people send in their own designs? But thanks to all who are working on this!

  43. I don’t want to be rude, but these are all terrible logos…. What do they mean? The world is dripping?

  44. the Double Blues have my vote I would like to see the Australian Flag and Aborigine colors grace the map of Australia some how. We are a Party of Australians who fight against injustice against anybody. That will cap our aims visually. Lets give it a go and see how it turns our. One thing for sure we need to see the Australian Flag somewhere in it even if it is the background Cheers Glen
    . .

  45. last one for sure…….now start printing the window stickers!

  46. I would have to say the third one, Unlike the other logo’s it’s easier to read because the text isn’t on it’s side.
    Anyway all the best with your party Julian, You’ll have my full support.


  47. I don’t like any of the logos really.
    The 5th version of it if I have to choose. But again the text in the circle is badly kerned and readable.
    Your logo should work in various ways – simple, bold, colour, on light background, dark background, etc in the end. Best you settle on the #1 basic logo first.
    I don’t really dig the literal use of the ‘leaky water or sea?’ to represent the party. Too literal for me. And says leaky tap more to me.
    Surely there’s a better idea? I wish I could be more useful, but this is my gut reaction.
    I like the words like this though ‘WikiLeaks Party’ instead of all caps or other combos.
    I know this feedback isn’t that helpful at such a late stage and you’ll probably have come a long
    way to get where you are already with this. Sorry. And good luck!

  48. joshua masima June 11, 2013 at 3:23 am

    agree with the last post

  49. Just one comment we definitely need to put and Australian flag in there and the three Aboriginal colors of black red and yellow would be nice too. We are Australians we need to brand ourselves as such.

  50. Anabella Wake June 12, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    I really don’t like any of them, but if I have to choose just one, the last one is at least more eye-catching. The drips/leaks are a bad idea. Are we crying? Bleeding? What? None of these really tell me anything about what WikiLeaks stands for. I like the idea suggested by Rohan Viljoen, but at the very least strongly recommend that you try us with some other logo ideas, before saddling a party with such promise with such a weak brand.

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