National Council Meeting Minutes 13-07-13

admin —  July 13, 2013

Meeting of the National Council of the WikiLeaks Party

9am July 13, 2013 (AEST)


Name Location Copies to
Gail MaloneCassie FindlayJohn Shipton

Sam Castro

Niraj Lal

Greg Barns, joined 9.45am

Omar Todd

Luke Pearson

Kellie Tranter

NFP Daniel MathewsJulian AssangeKaz Cochrane




Ref Action Responsible
016 Scope possible special membership categories for Australians overseas, non-Australians, under 18s Kellie
028 Kellie, John and Luke to send biographies to Cassie Kellie, John & Luke
029 Send contact detail of Susan for online newsletter to Cassie Kellie
034 Storify account to be set up (for Twitter & FB posts) Cassie still to be done
035 Cassie requires text to put on website in regards to Double blind policy Kaz
036 Line up candidates blog post Cassie
037 Talk to Matt about research on donation programs, ideas for donation software Omar





1. Present

Gail Malone

Cassie Findlay

John Shipton

Omar Todd

Niraj Lal

Sam Castro

Kellie Tranter

Luke Pearson

Greg Barns – joined 9.45am

Anja Voigt – minutes


2. Apologies

Daniel Mathews

Julian Assange

Kaz Cochrane



3. Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting

Cassie –

            Minutes from last meeting confirmed. Niraj sent through some correction; also correct month to July instead of June; leave sensitive details of the published version



4. Reports on actions from last meeting

Kellie –

            Ref No. 016: In progress.


Kellie, John & Luke –

            Ref No: 28: Cassie received Lukes biography, John’s still to be send; Kellie’s still to be send.


Kellie –

            Ref No: 29: Kellie will send more contacts to Cassie


Luke –

            Ref No 30: Twitter hours weekly with Luke. Took place. Ongoing weekly now.


Cassie –

            Ref No 31: Completed; Kellie working on billboard in Maitland


Cassie, Luke –

            Ref No 32: Blog post on Indigenous affairs: Completed. Will be published 13th of July


Cassie –

            Ref No 34: In progress


Cassie, Kaz –

            Ref No 35: Text to put on website in regards to Double blind policy; Kaz will send to Cassie this weekend




5. July 23rd campaign launch preparations



5.1 Candidate nominations

Cassie to send around report which recommends candidates to the council and then the NC to have a vote.




5.2 Transparency platform & position statements

  • ·         Kellie and Cassie working on transparency platform, to be sent to JA for comments
  • ·         Subcommittees working on more policies
    • o   Smaller groups getting to agreed positions and present it to NC
    • ·         Aim to circulate something to NC coming week
    • ·         Deadline: to have set policies and position statements on 23rd of July



6. Volunteer coordination

National Coordinators and VIC Coordinators heading up to Bendigo tonight (meeting arranged there), working well together. They met yesterday with Natalie (WA) and Jonathan (NSW).

Processes laid out around what the Volunteer Coordinator should be doing.


Volunteer Welcome pack nearly ready



7. Social media coordination


Weekly Twitter hour

Weekly Twitter & FB hours ongoing.


Web Forum

Need people from NSW to help out monitoring the web forum

Lack of moderation of the Web Forum at the moment



Dropbox in place


Blog post

Action for Cassie – line up candidates blog post



8. Fundraising


Apparel for NSW, VIC, WA, Splendour

Each state needs to have methods of raising money

Stall where people gather, Omar & John to discuss



9. Financial management


Melissa to keep account blind from NC. Disadvantage for accountant to be hold to a contract. Difficult to draft an agreement an accountant is willing to sign. – Maybe to ask a lawyer to draft a contract?

Double blind policy is voluntary

Kaz to write up policies around Double Blind policy

Kellie, understand why NC wants to do it but don’t know if really necessary


Software developer developing fundraising programs

       SMS donation

       QR codes (code for smartphones)

       Pledge system


Action Omar – to talk to Matt about research on donation programs


Resolution regarding section 39.4 of the Constitution

“The National Council of the party resolves persuant to section 39.4 of the party’s constitution authorizes Debbie – to make payments on the parties behalf of amounts up to and including $10,000.00 by Electronic Funds Transfer. Any payment made on behalf of the party must be authorised by a director of the National Council. Any payments made will be accounted for in the records and accounts of the party”


Moved: John Shipton

Seconded: Cassie Findlay



Resolution regarding monthly financial report to NC to be put in place

That the finance officer supplies a financial report to be tabled monthly at National Council meetings.


Moved: Sam Castro

Seconded: Omar Todd



John will meet with Debbie at the end of July to set up reporting and other accounts matters.


10. Membership Management


Meeting with Matt, Colin, Anja & Cassie during the week in regards to membership management. Colin working through any outstanding issues.


11. Other business



Action – Kellie to send preference report to NC


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