Get involved in the movement to change politics in Australia
, have fun and be part of something big. Be a WikiLeaks Party volunteer. Our party’s campaigns depend on you. Instead of the slick, expensive ad campaigns of the majors, our volunteers spread the word online, on the street, at the pub, on polling days; any time and everywhere!

Want to get involved? Please read our volunteers pack and the Health and Safety Induction

Check out our amazing resources and if you are unsure about what you can do to help in the run up to elections, check out our guide on campaigning.

Out and about? Use our mobile device toolkit to quickly access and share information about the WikiLeaks Party, sign up to help on polling days or donate.

WA Election Polling Booth Volunteers Needed

Complete your details below to volunteer handing out How-to-Vote cards on April 5 in Western Australia.

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Did you hand out how to vote cards in 2013?
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Are you available to attend prepoll booths during business hours prior to the election?
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There are many creative and interesting ways you can get the word out there that the WikiLeaks Party has arrived on the Australian political scene before polling day, too.

What you can do between campaigns

Here are just a few ways you can tell your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues about the WikiLeaks Party. Make sure you check out our talking points to help you get conversations going, and also check out our platforms for more detail. Let us know what you plan to do (see the contact form at the bottom).

Dinner Parties: Throw a dinner party and invite your neighbours! We suggest putting leeks on the menu! Talking about politics at the dinner table is ok! You may be surprised at how much your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues know about the issues that the WikiLeaks Party is talking about. Resources: Logos for place-settings, flyers and talking points

Stalls:  A chance to get out to local events, festivals and markets with flyers and information to let people know we are here – and why you are so proud to be involved the movement for transparency, accountability and justice. Make sure you check with the festival/market organisers before rocking up. Check out this stalls checklist.
Resources: Logos, posters, flyers, talking points, platforms/policies

Letterboxing: A great opportunity to combine your exercise with political campaigning! Print out one of the great flyers below. Resources: flyers or in black and white. You can also order 500 delivered to your doorstep via our online shop.

Flyering: Why not spend a few hours at your local train station (peak hour times are best) or shopping precinct handing out our flyers. Make sure you stand in public areas outside of the train station to avoid any problems. Print out some of these flyers and help get the word out! Resources: flyers or in black and white. You can also order 500 delivered to your doorstep via our online shop.

Politics at the Pub: Get a group of your mates together at the pub and tell them why you are voting WikiLeaks Party this election. Print out some flyers and check out our talking points to help you get started. Take your smart phone or tablet along so you can access the website for info if you need it, to sign up volunteers, or to sell some of our merchandise! Resources: logos, posters and flyers, talking pointsplatforms/policies, mobile device toolkit

Posters: Print out a run of our great posters and stick them up in your local neighbourhood or a nearby busy area. Make sure you ask before sticking them up on private property or putting them anywhere that is not traditionally postered. Resources: posters

Let us know about your event! Or how we can help! And remember to email us photos or post them to us on Facebook and Twitter

Contact the volunteer coordinators