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Julian Assange at Splendour In The Grass


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One response to Julian Assange at Splendour In The Grass

  1. The WikiLeaks Party is on the precipice of what will amount to a burgeoning cultural shift, waves are rippling and to as till such time as these waves mount when others who now wonder will indeed ride their crest.

    When enough rise, change happens.

    When the message is as clear and rightful as the need for transparency, accountability and justice then little can stand in its way, for it carries the aspirations of all people – the right to know. The public record is imperative to the public interest.

    An informed citizenry can and will erode monopoly politics and predispose a sense of hope for the possibility of democracy.

    More and more people have had enough of being lied to, deceived, hoodwinked and manipulated but they have rested in despair because alternatives lay thin. Now there is an alternative, The WikiLeaks Party.

    If Julian Assange and Leslie Cannold can enter the Senate because of the Victorian voters, Kelly Tranter and Alison Broinowski enter the Senate because of NSW’s voters, and myself and Suresh Rajan enter the Senate because of our Western Australian voters, in one swoop the Australian political landscape will be restored with hope, and it will be changed from immediately within hence.

    Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm.

    Gerry Georgatos, Western Australian Senate Candidate for The WikiLeaks Party

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